Piacentini, Glenn

Before Spartan I was a dairy farmer. Since graduating from Spartan, I have been a flight instructor in Twin Falls Idaho. I was also a Chief Flight Instructor, charger and corporate pilot on a Cc414 and BE 400. I also flew out if Evansville, IN as a charger and corporate pilot and flight school manager. I currently am employed at FlightSafety in Wichita as an instructor and TCE on the BE400.

Spartan College gave me a good foundation. I enjoyed spending time with my classmates.

Campbell, Stephen

Spartan formulated my ability to use my hands in coordination with my mind to the development and refining of designs and manufacturing processes. The foundation I received from Spartan provided me the basis for achieving my career success in life.

What I enjoyed the most at Spartan was the discussions among a number of good friends. I had a fun time blended with education.  I was working full-time nights at Spartan’s overhaul facility while attending school full-time during the day. When I completed my education I moved on to the US Army in Vietnam. Spartan College’s education allowed me to work Cobra gunships which kept me out of the shooting war on the ground.

Meyers, Joe

Spartan College set a great foundation to expand from. I learned the fundamentals I needed in order to grow as a technician and colleague. The hands on technical experience and the field knowledge the instructors possessed from their own time in the industry.

I was the NDE Technical Leader for Scot Forge. I became the company’s Responsible Level III and created the existing Nadcap NDE system for Scot Forge. I have written a couple of published articles on NDT and am currently a member of ASNT and ASTM.

2004 graduate of the Nondestructive Testing program.

Hader, Wayne

Hader Wayne Spartan - aviationThe training material & the Instructor Willie Middlebrooks was outstanding considering I’d never heard of NDE until a couple months before I sign up for the course. Just proir to this I I was working in a stamping plant for Ford Motor and going to college. I decided to drop out of college and quit working at he factory… Looking back on it, I’m glad I did.

Spartan gave me the education and training to start my exciting career path in aviation.

Spartan had the best equipment and instructors to obtain my training. It was a great experience to learn and train with fellow classmates that had the same interests.

Aviation Maintenance review by Wayne Hader

Robertson, Kim

After graduating from Spartan College I joined the U.S. Air Force and work as an F-16 aircraft crew chief for 4 years. After that I cross trained to become an E-3 AWACS Flight Engineer. In 1998, I separated from active duty and joined the Air Force Reserves as an Instructor Flight Engineer and the same year I was hired by Delta Airlines as a Line Mechanic in Dallas. After closing the Dallas station I moved to Atlanta Georgia and worked in the General Electric CF-6 engine overhaul shop and was furloughed in 2006. I now work for the DOD.

The training that I received at Spartan definitely help me learn all the basics of aircraft maintenance to get me where I’m at today. My favorite part about Spartan College was getting the fly the training helicopter.

Aviation Maintenance Technician – Kim Roberston

Clarke, Douglas

Doug Clarke - Spartan College GraduateI started at Capitol Aviation in Springfield, IL straight out of Spartan. Started in the Recip Engine Overhaul shop as an A&P. Our company was bought out by AirResearch and we then started working on turbine engines. Then that company was bought and sold over the years (Honeywell, GE Aircraft Engines, and Landmark Aviation). During the 41 years I worked from being an A&P mechanic in the turbine shop to leadman, to crew chief, to maintenance supervisor, to customer support rep, and finally to Regional Sales manager before my retirement in 2014.

Spartan College gave me the tools and knowledge that I never had before to work on sophisticated aircraft and turbine engines. The instructors were all very knowledgeable and the class’s taught many different facets of the aviation business that I never knew before. Also, the reputation of Spartan was a big plus in helping me land my job straight out of school.

Aviation Maintenance review by Doug Clarke

Miller, Jimmy

I attended Spartan as an U S Air Force student. A few of us were selected to attend Spartan on the basics of Aircraft Maintenance. That was during the Korean war and just out of basic training from Wichita Falls AFB, Texas. That qualified me to continue on to Chaunute Field in Illinois to become a Hydraulic Specialist that helped me advance to higher rank. When I finished my enlistment with the Air Force, I returned and finished my Aircraft and Powerplant requirements to obtain a Government License at Spartan.

I remember how capable the instructors were and Mr. Broome allowed me to weld exhaust on some of the Spartan aircraft during practical period of training. The camaraderie was pleasant among students and some of us were married at that time. Many of us would recreate at the “Cimmeron Ballroom” for relaxation. All in All…..fond memories but a lot of studying! A fond memory, is when the class on “Weight and balance” came, I was apprehensive about the math involved, that was before calculators and all we had was the (E 6 B) of that era.Everything was long hand with the figures! Anyway, I made a hundred on the exam, so worry was in vain!

I will always remember the hard work at school and the friends along the way. I am, and will always be proud to have obtained my college at Spartan and also, proud to have been part of the advancement of Aircraft Technology of the present time! I do consider being part of the industry as one of the pioneers. I am proud to say, I graduated from Spartan College of Aeronautics!

Jimmy Miller reviews the Aircraft Technical Operations

Myers, Ted

In my time since graduating, I have had the chance to work military contracts and fine tune my skills as a structures mechanic and sheet metalist. I have also had the chance to work the flight line of a business jet factory and see what it takes to bring an aircraft from the factory to a flight sold aircraft.

My education at Spartan helped when it came to applying for jobs. It allowed my potential employers to read my resume and feel assured that I was a hirable candidate. They knew I had solid foundation of knowledge for aircraft maintenance and the ability to prove that fact.

What I enjoyed most about Spartan was the degree of knowledge the instructors had to offer about their particular area of expertise in the industry. They also had good advice they were willing to offer.

Ted Myers Reviews the Aviation Maintenance Degree

Gecker, Carl

Aviation Maintenance Review
Aviation Safety Inspector

The 1st job was at Tahlequah Airport, Hammonds Flying Service. He didn’t read my resume he just wanted to see my 7AC Champ that I overhauled at Spartan School, with the help of some good students and guidance from some great instructors. From there I spent 14 years at Cessna Acft. Co., Wichita. Twelve years of which were in Quality with seven of those as an FAA designee DMIR. I completed over 6000 aircraft for FAA certification for the company 1980 thru 1986.

Well anyone who asked me where I received my training I proudly stated, Spartan School. It has always been held in high regard in the industry. I met many great instructors who I called from time to time to ask questions. Not having had an aviation background from the military, the only experience I had was working as a owner/operator and guided by the people at my local airport, prior to going to Spartan. The school makes you think about what you must do, how to diagnose problems and make good judgment calls on the work accomplished.

Well, back in those days we had such a variety of aircraft to work on. From the Valtee BT’s, the F-101 Voodoo’s, the Hiller Helicopter, the Beech 18’s and the rare Curtis C-9 trainer along with the Cessna 150’s and the like. I got a job working at the school test cells after I was laid off of my part time job. I was able to repair and maintain the test cells and operate the engines within them. Keep in mind that a new class came through that portion of school every two weeks day and night classes. I had to have all my engines running for each class. The funny thing is the instructors would not let me help my classmates when they came through as the instructors said I knew to much.

Turner, Brandon

Aviation Flight Review
Works for SkyWest Airlines

I was hired by SkyWay Airlines just one and a half years after graduating Spartan, however I was furloughed ten months later. Have had held many aviation jobs since graduating as well, before being hired by SkyWest Airlines. Have went on to earn my Bachelors degree, MEII, and ATP license. I have earned a DO-328 SIC type rating as well as EMB-120, and CL-65 full types.

I honestly feel that the flight education that I received really helped prepare me for every aviation job that I have held thus far. The discipline that my instructors instilled in me as a student equipped me to excel in aviation both as a flight instructor, and as an airline pilot. Being able to train out of Tulsa’s very busy Riverside airport allowed me to experience four seasons of weather and gain fundamental experience early on in the ATC system. All of my ground school curriculum reinforced what was taking place during my actual flight training. These classes were instrumental in helping me to really learn aviation.

I really liked the structure of a part 141 training environment. Being able to train with an excellent program that incorporated risk mitigation strategies (weather minimums, flight briefings)early on in my training instilled discipline in me. I also liked being able to train in a busy ATC system during four weather seasons.