Lober, Nate Aviation Maintenance Graduate

Aviation Maintenance Graduate Nate Lober now works as the director of maintenance at Spartan College. It took hard work and lifelong dedication to aviation to get Nate to where he is today.

Hear what Nate has to say in the video below:

Video transcript:

“I was flying on an airplane back from Florida to Maryland and got to see the cockpit. Just seeing all the buttons, controls and everything that was included in the airplane blew me away.

My name is Nathan Lober and my job title right now is director of maintenance.

What I did as a child is pretty much what I do everyday. I rip stuff apart, put it back together, but here I have to make sure we put it together the correct way because we have peoples lives at stake here.

I’ve always tried to excel, making sure that things get done on time and are on schedule and are done safely and properly.

There are various areas in the working world that look for those people that are willing to do something the right way, not just being to just turn a wrench, but turn a wrench properly and safely. That type of of mentality is what other companies desire. Even if they aren’t working on airplanes they could be working on various other types of machinery.

There’s a lot of need to working on dentist the mechanics that are involved in that, so they need EMP students who have gone though these courses- the horizon is endless.

Never would’ve thought in a million years I’d be a director of maintenance here, the reward is unparalleled. There is nothing in my mind that could put a price tag on.

Everyday I go home from work fulfilled.”

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Steve Knabe – Flight Program Review

“I was fortunate enough when I was taking a flight lesson in Nebraska, and airplane landed with a black cat on it’s tail- it was a Spartan plane. And there was a student there who said there is a flight school in Tulsa, Oklahoma that will teach you everything you need to know about flying.”

That’s all flight school alumni Steve Knabe needed to hear. From that moment on Steve went on to fly around world for the first time at 28, and has worked for a fortune 500 company for 22 years. Hear what else Steve has to say in the video below:

Video Transcript:

“My name is Steve Knabe and I grew up on a farm. I watched airplanes fly over our farm. In my mind I was figuring out where they were going. I always wanted to be on the airplane and be where they were going.

I got good advice from a gentleman who was 50 years old, he told me “if you ever want to try flying do it while you’re young”

I was fortunate enough when I was taking a flight lesson in Nebraska. An airplane landed with a black cat on it’s tail- it was a Spartan plane. And there was a student there who said ‘there is a flight school in Tulsa, Oklahoma that will teach you everything you need to know about flying.’ And it was four months later, I was at the Spartan School of Aeronautics.

I was able to get on a fortune 500 company, and I had my first around the world trip at 28. Presently, I work with another fortune 500 company and have been with them for 22 years.

In this job I’ve checked off over 100 different countries, all 50 states. Phenomenal from a kid who just dreamed to fly.”

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Chris Harper – Flight Program Review

Ever since he was a young boy, Chris Harper wanted to fly. In his words he was “enamored with wanting to fly.” Enrolling at Spartan college in 1988 he “showed up here on a dark night and started class the next morning.” Chris’ career as a pilot has taken him around the world in eight days as a cargo pilot.

Watch the full video here:

Video Transcript:

“When I was a young boy on our farm, a couple times a month, you’d hear this sound coming, and then over the top of our barn and a hill, these large twin top airplanes would come out of nowhere. That’s where I became enamored with wanting to fly.

The closest place I could find back then was Spartan. In 1988 I showed up here on a dark night and started class the next morning.

In 1998 I was hired by a major cargo company in the US and I’ve been there ever since.

My last trip was an actual around the world trip in eight days.

There is a demand in the family life, those are tradeoffs we give to do something we love to do.”


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Harold Walter

I highly value my Spartan education, acquiring the A&E (A&P) license in 1948-49. As an Aeronautical (aerodynamics) engineer, that experience was valuable in working with the Experimental Shop personnel. My career included 5 years each at Cessna, Boeing, Convair San Diego, and 25 at Beech Aircraft — almost entirely as an Aerodynamicist. I also did some time as a Dynamics engineer. Working closely with Flight Test and Experimental Test Pilots was great.

Included was support on the Apollo 11, a patent on the horizontal system used on Convair’s Model 48 Charger, Project Aerodynamicist on the Beech Super King Air Model 200, Chief of Aerodynamics R&D.

In addition to the A&P, FAA pilot’s licenses acquired are Glider, Single, Multi, Commercial, Instrument and CFI.

I was flattered at retirement when the Experimental mechanics said that I was one of three engineers that they really liked to work with. Since retirement, some aero support has been a part. I have been a member of OX5 Aviation Pioneers for several years, being Kansas Wing President, National President, and receiving several awards — presently Kansas Wing President and newsletter editor.

I couldn’t have asked for a better career.

Clemente Castillo

Clemente Castillo - Spartan CollegeGraduated in 2014 with a Aviation Electronics degree
Born in Mexico

Clemente Castillo always had an interest in how things worked both inside and out. When he was younger, he enjoyed taking things apart and building them back together. He was always inspired by his father to do something great and something he would love. Aviation and airplanes were always something that he was fascinated with.

Clemente decided he needed a good background in aviation in order to be great in his field. Spartan College seemed like the right fit for him. He mostly enjoyed that he was able to learn one subject at a time instead of feeling overwhelmed with multiple subjects together.

Clemente is currently working for Unicorp as a technician. Watch Clemente’s full testimonial below.

Curtis Hubbard

Aviation Maintenance Technology Program Graduate
From Ureka, Nevada

Before coming to Spartan, Curtis worked as an oil lab technician for a Caterpillar dealership in Nevada. When Curtis first moved to Tulsa to attend Spartan College he thought it was a tough transition because he was 1700 miles from home. However, he feels the people at Spartan were a great help with the transition.

Curtis feels all of the instructors were very helpful. Curtis was hired before graduation with Duncan Aviation in Nebraska.

Brandon Shirley

Receiving his Non-Destructive Testing Degree from Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology was a great choice for Brandon Shirley. He was able to receive a job offer right after graduation. He currently works in San Antonio in the aerospace industry.

Brandon decided to study non-destructive testing because he has a strong interest in science and physics. He believes the benefit is that he received a lot of hands on work. The theories were very helpful, but working with the equipment was what helped him in his job.

Nathan Forrest

Aviation Maintenance Degree
Nathan Forrest

Nathan Forrest was going to be a welder. However, when he was at his tech school he saw a demonstration of Spartan and was quickly convinced that he belonged in the aviation industry.

Going to Spartan was an easy and painless transition for him. Nathan believes Spartan helped him transition to the new environment. He believes the instructors have helped him tremendously. Going forward, Nathan plans to receive his A&P license. Watch his full testimonial below.

William Dewar

A military veteran, William Dewar, acknowledges the presence and reputation Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology has in the aviation industry. Recognizing how well known Spartan College is, he decided to attend Spartan to receive his aviation maintenance degree. William is now the Training Manager for AR Corporations. Watch his testimonial below.

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