Miller, Jimmy

I attended Spartan as an U S Air Force student. A few of us were selected to attend Spartan on the basics of Aircraft Maintenance. That was during the Korean war and just out of basic training from Wichita Falls AFB, Texas. That qualified me to continue on to Chaunute Field in Illinois to become a Hydraulic Specialist that helped me advance to higher rank. When I finished my enlistment with the Air Force, I returned and finished my Aircraft and Powerplant requirements to obtain a Government License at Spartan.

I remember how capable the instructors were and Mr. Broome allowed me to weld exhaust on some of the Spartan aircraft during practical period of training. The camaraderie was pleasant among students and some of us were married at that time. Many of us would recreate at the “Cimmeron Ballroom” for relaxation. All in All…..fond memories but a lot of studying! A fond memory, is when the class on “Weight and balance” came, I was apprehensive about the math involved, that was before calculators and all we had was the (E 6 B) of that era.Everything was long hand with the figures! Anyway, I made a hundred on the exam, so worry was in vain!

I will always remember the hard work at school and the friends along the way. I am, and will always be proud to have obtained my college at Spartan and also, proud to have been part of the advancement of Aircraft Technology of the present time! I do consider being part of the industry as one of the pioneers. I am proud to say, I graduated from Spartan College of Aeronautics!

Jimmy Miller reviews the Aircraft Technical Operations

Myers, Ted

In my time since graduating, I have had the chance to work military contracts and fine tune my skills as a structures mechanic and sheet metalist. I have also had the chance to work the flight line of a business jet factory and see what it takes to bring an aircraft from the factory to a flight sold aircraft.

My education at Spartan helped when it came to applying for jobs. It allowed my potential employers to read my resume and feel assured that I was a hirable candidate. They knew I had solid foundation of knowledge for aircraft maintenance and the ability to prove that fact.

What I enjoyed most about Spartan was the degree of knowledge the instructors had to offer about their particular area of expertise in the industry. They also had good advice they were willing to offer.

Ted Myers Reviews the Aviation Maintenance Degree

Gecker, Carl

Aviation Maintenance Review
Aviation Safety Inspector

The 1st job was at Tahlequah Airport, Hammonds Flying Service. He didn’t read my resume he just wanted to see my 7AC Champ that I overhauled at Spartan School, with the help of some good students and guidance from some great instructors. From there I spent 14 years at Cessna Acft. Co., Wichita. Twelve years of which were in Quality with seven of those as an FAA designee DMIR. I completed over 6000 aircraft for FAA certification for the company 1980 thru 1986.

Well anyone who asked me where I received my training I proudly stated, Spartan School. It has always been held in high regard in the industry. I met many great instructors who I called from time to time to ask questions. Not having had an aviation background from the military, the only experience I had was working as a owner/operator and guided by the people at my local airport, prior to going to Spartan. The school makes you think about what you must do, how to diagnose problems and make good judgment calls on the work accomplished.

Well, back in those days we had such a variety of aircraft to work on. From the Valtee BT’s, the F-101 Voodoo’s, the Hiller Helicopter, the Beech 18’s and the rare Curtis C-9 trainer along with the Cessna 150’s and the like. I got a job working at the school test cells after I was laid off of my part time job. I was able to repair and maintain the test cells and operate the engines within them. Keep in mind that a new class came through that portion of school every two weeks day and night classes. I had to have all my engines running for each class. The funny thing is the instructors would not let me help my classmates when they came through as the instructors said I knew to much.

Turner, Brandon

Aviation Flight Review
Works for SkyWest Airlines

I was hired by SkyWay Airlines just one and a half years after graduating Spartan, however I was furloughed ten months later. Have had held many aviation jobs since graduating as well, before being hired by SkyWest Airlines. Have went on to earn my Bachelors degree, MEII, and ATP license. I have earned a DO-328 SIC type rating as well as EMB-120, and CL-65 full types.

I honestly feel that the flight education that I received really helped prepare me for every aviation job that I have held thus far. The discipline that my instructors instilled in me as a student equipped me to excel in aviation both as a flight instructor, and as an airline pilot. Being able to train out of Tulsa’s very busy Riverside airport allowed me to experience four seasons of weather and gain fundamental experience early on in the ATC system. All of my ground school curriculum reinforced what was taking place during my actual flight training. These classes were instrumental in helping me to really learn aviation.

I really liked the structure of a part 141 training environment. Being able to train with an excellent program that incorporated risk mitigation strategies (weather minimums, flight briefings)early on in my training instilled discipline in me. I also liked being able to train in a busy ATC system during four weather seasons.

Woods, James Bill

Aviation Maintenance Review
James Bill Woods
Job Title: Avionics Sales Manager

James Bill Woods Career
James Bill Woods Review

I had just graduated from a 4 year college with a degree and no idea what I wanted to do. I had always been interested in aircraft and so made the decision to enroll in Spartan. Spartan gave me a well-rounded education in aircraft that allowed me to work in the industry immediately. With the basics skills I learned at Spartan I was able to quickly advance in aviation in both position and pay. Enrolling in Spartan was a wise choice for me. I have had interesting work, lots of travel, met some very interesting people and enjoyed a good income.

I enjoyed meeting new people brought together from all over the world at Spartan. We spent every day in class and shop together and became good friends, many to this day.

Davis, Wayne

I was assigned as Manager of Aircraft Inspection; responsible to the Chief Inspector for all airframe lines of work while outsourced for maintenance worldwide. Davis Wayne Reviews Spartan CollegeI was responsible to conduct pre-site visits, audit the vendor’s quality control program, outline the their differences to our program, write policies and procedures for the vendor to comply with our program, select the on-site supervisory team, monitor and manage; while working cross-functionally with my counterparts – Manager Production, Engineering, Components, Engines, and Human Resources. I have the administrative responsibility of approximately 140 employees under my organization. I supervise the accomplishment of inspections specified for overhaul, maintenance, and repair of airframes, engines and components at maintenance bases. Supports inspections at Line Maintenance stations. I plan the development, implementation, and accomplishment of inspection programs, policies, and procedures. Monitors the daily work accomplishments, training, and assignments of personnel. I act as the liaison for Inspection to coordinate between Inspection, Production, and Engineering to ensure compliance to inspection and division policies, engineering specifications, and FAR’s. I am responsible for all NDT inspections accomplished on airframes, engines, and components, including determination of training, selection of equipment, and implementation of NDT Inspections. I am responsible for the regulatory compliance of Shipping and Receiving.

Everything counts when you are in a position of middle management and above. Education w/ a related degree will qualify you only as a candidate. Today, Business Acumen is a necessity in the managerial ranks to compliment your experience and conceptualization.

Aviation Maintenance Review by Wayne Davis

Stark, Steve

Steve Stark - Avionics reviewGraduated with a BSEE in 1987 and have had a very successful Engineering career involved in Digital Design( FPGA, ASIC etc.). It got me started in the direction I wanted to go.

I liked the way the classes were scheduled. Instead of taking 3 classes over a 3 month period you got to take one class a month and that is all you did was that one course. Other than that, it was a pretty intense experience considering I had to hold down a full time job and go to school full time. It definitely taught me how to utilize my time for maximum effect.

Harris, John

My experience at Spartan opened the door to aviation. I was the first in my family to pursue an aviation career.My a&p licence provided a much needed job to support my family.John Harris review

I very much enjoyed the instructors and fellow students.The atmosphere was just the right balance of academics and practical learning . The staff and faculty were always supportive and encouraging when it was needed.

After graduating from the a&p program I got a job in corporate aviation.I was soon promoted to a management job.While working full time I attended and graduated from Mountain View College in one of the first classes in Pilot Technology. My first flying job was on a new Canadair business jet.I was later promoted to checkairman and Vice President of flight operations for Jet East charter corporation in Dallas . After eight years at Jet East Inc I was hired at Southwest Airlines and flew for almost twenty one years and retired as Captain December 2013. I owe a great deal of my success to my original training at Spartan.

Backik, James

I graduated from Spartan College with a Avionics Maintenance Technology degree. I came to Tulsa from Michigan. Before attending Spartan College, I was at a traditional college for a brief period, and then I worked at a delivery company for a few years. However, I always wanted to go into aviation.

James Backik Spartan College reviewI did some online research and found Spartan College. I chose Spartan because it is one of the oldest aviation schools in the country. They seem to have one of the best curriculums.

The staff and instructors were very helpful. They made sure I understood the material instead of reading out of a book and hoping I understood it. The staff was always helpful with any problems I may have had.

I would advise anyone who wants to attend Spartan, to not expect it to be easy in the beginning. There is a lot to know in the aviation field. It’s concept learning. Even after you are done with school, you are constantly learning new things. You need to have the determination and stick it out. The love I have for aviation is what helped me stay on track.