Davis, Wayne

I was assigned as Manager of Aircraft Inspection; responsible to the Chief Inspector for all airframe lines of work while outsourced for maintenance worldwide. Davis Wayne Reviews Spartan CollegeI was responsible to conduct pre-site visits, audit the vendor’s quality control program, outline the their differences to our program, write policies and procedures for the vendor to comply with our program, select the on-site supervisory team, monitor and manage; while working cross-functionally with my counterparts – Manager Production, Engineering, Components, Engines, and Human Resources. I have the administrative responsibility of approximately 140 employees under my organization. I supervise the accomplishment of inspections specified for overhaul, maintenance, and repair of airframes, engines and components at maintenance bases. Supports inspections at Line Maintenance stations. I plan the development, implementation, and accomplishment of inspection programs, policies, and procedures. Monitors the daily work accomplishments, training, and assignments of personnel. I act as the liaison for Inspection to coordinate between Inspection, Production, and Engineering to ensure compliance to inspection and division policies, engineering specifications, and FAR’s. I am responsible for all NDT inspections accomplished on airframes, engines, and components, including determination of training, selection of equipment, and implementation of NDT Inspections. I am responsible for the regulatory compliance of Shipping and Receiving.

Everything counts when you are in a position of middle management and above. Education w/ a related degree will qualify you only as a candidate. Today, Business Acumen is a necessity in the managerial ranks to compliment your experience and conceptualization.

Aviation Maintenance Review by Wayne Davis

Stark, Steve

Steve Stark - Avionics reviewGraduated with a BSEE in 1987 and have had a very successful Engineering career involved in Digital Design( FPGA, ASIC etc.). It got me started in the direction I wanted to go.

I liked the way the classes were scheduled. Instead of taking 3 classes over a 3 month period you got to take one class a month and that is all you did was that one course. Other than that, it was a pretty intense experience considering I had to hold down a full time job and go to school full time. It definitely taught me how to utilize my time for maximum effect.

Harris, John

My experience at Spartan opened the door to aviation. I was the first in my family to pursue an aviation career.My a&p licence provided a much needed job to support my family.John Harris review

I very much enjoyed the instructors and fellow students.The atmosphere was just the right balance of academics and practical learning . The staff and faculty were always supportive and encouraging when it was needed.

After graduating from the a&p program I got a job in corporate aviation.I was soon promoted to a management job.While working full time I attended and graduated from Mountain View College in one of the first classes in Pilot Technology. My first flying job was on a new Canadair business jet.I was later promoted to checkairman and Vice President of flight operations for Jet East charter corporation in Dallas . After eight years at Jet East Inc I was hired at Southwest Airlines and flew for almost twenty one years and retired as Captain December 2013. I owe a great deal of my success to my original training at Spartan.

Backik, James

I graduated from Spartan College with a Avionics Maintenance Technology degree. I came to Tulsa from Michigan. Before attending Spartan College, I was at a traditional college for a brief period, and then I worked at a delivery company for a few years. However, I always wanted to go into aviation.

James Backik Spartan College reviewI did some online research and found Spartan College. I chose Spartan because it is one of the oldest aviation schools in the country. They seem to have one of the best curriculums.

The staff and instructors were very helpful. They made sure I understood the material instead of reading out of a book and hoping I understood it. The staff was always helpful with any problems I may have had.

I would advise anyone who wants to attend Spartan, to not expect it to be easy in the beginning. There is a lot to know in the aviation field. It’s concept learning. Even after you are done with school, you are constantly learning new things. You need to have the determination and stick it out. The love I have for aviation is what helped me stay on track.

Stasen, Josh

I was fresh out of high school when I was introduced to the Spartan recruitment video.  I watched the video and I saw that the field of QC/NDT was rapidly growing and I felt that this would be a good career path for me.

I packed up my things from southern Maryland and made the journey out to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The general education courses were standard college courses at the expedited rate.  We covered a full semester’s content in a few weeks.  It was difficult at times, but with a goal in mind I knew my hard work and dedication were going to pay off.

Once the general education classes were completed, I went to the north campus for the hands-on classes.  This was the first time I was introduced to non-destructive testing and metallurgy.  Once again, the courses here are short and crammed full of information.  After graduating from the Quality Control program, I was hired by Cameron.

Cameron is a leading provider of flow equipment products, systems and services to worldwide oil, gas and process industries.  Leveraging its global manufacturing, engineering and sales and service network, Cameron works with drilling contractors, oil and gas producers, pipeline operators, refiners and other process owners to control, direct, adjust, process, measure and compress pressures and flows.

Utilizing my base knowledge I acquired from Spartan, I quickly advanced in my career path.  I currently am the Lead Inspector of Cameron’s newest and largest aftermarket facility located in Moore, Oklahoma.  I have started taking advantage of the Spartan career center for most of my hiring needs.  I know that if a future employee has received Spartan training in the NDT/QC field that they have a firm baseline of knowledge that gives them a large advantage over anyone else.

Atherton, William Aaron

In November 2011, I graduated Spartan. While there, Spartan presented information about me to Lockheed Martin Avionics Company in Georgia, so that I have my first job with this dynamic company in Marietta Georgia building military aircraft for our nation and our allies. The Marietta plant has been in operation for sixty years!

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics performs. It has a record of results based on hard work and diligence to meet commitments to customers. I believe there are challenges that all business face, but I am confident I and my company will meet those challenges.

I take pride in all that I have done and it is my duty to do better. The work I do directly impacts the work other do and hinging on effects of lives in the air. Flubs are unacceptable. I know what I do makes a difference for our country and nation.

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics is committed to making the company more efficient and agile. Making bold and responsible action is necessary to meet customers’ expectations and reduce costs. My company produces five military aircraft, in whole or in part in Marietta; customers include the United States government and those of other countries.
One of our must popular planes, the F-22 Raptor, had its final rollout on December 13, 2011. I was allowed to go to the final ceremony just to see the ‘most awesome fighters in the world! Have no fear, the best is here!

I build the C-130, a quite versatile aircraft. It is used for combat, to provide help and relief in natural disasters, watch for hurricanes, and protecting our borders. In November 1, 2011 we rolled out the 250th C-130J Super Hercules on time and on budget and recently delivered an entire fleet to one of our allies.

With such a record of excellence Lockheed is committed to C-130 production with optimal attitude. Every time I see a C-130 I think, ‘those could be my wings on that plane.’

This is a great company in which I can move forward my avionics career. It all started with my Spartan education AMT certificate. I am looking forward to completing my first year. Marietta is a city that has perks and specialty shops and lots of history. I am glad to be working at such a worthy company.

Hernandez, Gregory

Right after my graduation from Spartan back in 2009 I landed a Job with AAR CORP in Oklahoma City and not even three months into it I got call back in to service again with the U.S Army Reserves. After a long ten month deployment to Afghanistan I was happy to know that my job was held by AAR and currently I’m working for the company in Oklahoma City. I’m working on gaining more experience as an A&P Mechanic and at the same time thanks to my training at Spartan and the people and friends I met I obtained my Private Pilot License and currently I’m working on getting my instrument rating with the help of my friend and also a graduate from Spartan Erwin Winkler. My ultimate Goal is to become a Commercial Pilot and work for the Airlines. Because of the great memories with the faculty and the friends I met at Spartan I’m looking forward to maybe enroll once again at Spartan College after I complete my commercial and CFI rating to go for the Bachelors Degree.

Gregory Hernandez

Pence, John

My time at Spartan began January of 2010 and marks the turnaround point in my life. I am now a graduate of the AMT program and a complete transformation has taken place since my first day at Spartan. During orientation, Mr. Worthington spoke on attitude. While some disregarded his wisdom I kept it close to my heart and realized that I would only be as successful as I allowed myself to think. I realized that I could only go so far on a good education from Spartan and that I needed a mindset that was always positive and continually striving to improve myself. The truly great thing about life, and Spartan, is that hardship, trials, and obstacles are going to come. The key is to rise above all opposition to truly accomplish a life of worth.

I finished my schooling in July of 2011 with a wealth of knowledge in the field of Air Maintenance Technology. I learned many life lessons in addition to the extensive training I was receiving in the classroom and in labs.
Five months before graduating, I began to look hard into my future and what I wanted to do and set goals to accomplish. Given my education and the strong relationships I made while in school, it became apparent that I could work anywhere or do anything in the world of aviation that I desired. I entertained offers from Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Bell Helicopter, Duncan Aviation, American Airlines, Spirit Aviation, and the list literally goes on and on. I took that same positive attitude mentality that developed at Spartan towards my goals, with a mindset of, “Why Not Me” and I began the application process into the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Becoming a Cadet had always been a dream of mine that I never pursued due to a negative attitude that was based upon the preconceived notion that I wasn’t good enough. That could not have been further from the truth and I tell you today, in addition to receiving my A&P license and learning so much about aviation, I am now apart of the graduating class of 2016 from the United States Air Force Academy due to the transformation that happened in my life while at Spartan. And it all boils down to my attitude.

Reed, Brian

I first learned of Spartan College shortly after leaving the Air Force where I served as an aircraft mechanic for six years working on the U-2. I thought Spartan would be a good way for me to expand my knowledge base and further my career in aviation maintenance. I couldn’t have been happier with the caliber of classroom instruction and how much we did in the shop. Like I said I come from an aircraft background and I loved the variety of training we get from Spartan. I believe the training I received helped to make me a better and more well rounded mechanic. Before I even finished my schooling I received an offer for employment from Bell Helicopter where I am currently a quality assurance inspector for their H-1 program. I’m loving my new career and I have Spartan College and their wonderful instructors to thank for that.

Thank you very much,
Brian Reed
Quality Assurance Inspector
Bell Helicopter