Spartan College Review | AET Graduate – Robert Hampton

Spartan College graduate Robert Hampton spent four years in the Marine Corps Infantry, later moving over to combat life-saving before becoming a civilian EMS.

Robert, a North Dakota native, then moved to Oklahoma to continue practicing EMS. While in Oklahoma, Robert learned about Spartan College and decided that the Aviation Electronics Technology training was for him, and in 2016 graduation Spartan College with his diploma.

Currently, Robert works for TriMedx repairing health professional electronic equipment that all doctors use to help save lives.

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Pricilla Caballero | Aviation Electronics Graduate

Aviation Electronics Graduate Pricilla Caballero came into Spartan College with almost no knowledge of flying but knew she wanted to become a pilot first before anything. After getting transferred into the Avionics program, she found a program that was good for her.

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Clemente Castillo | Aviation Electronics Graduate

Clemente Castillo - Spartan CollegeGraduated in 2014 with a Aviation Electronics degree
Born in Mexico

Clemente Castillo always had an interest in how things worked both inside and out. When he was younger, he enjoyed taking things apart and building them back together. He was always inspired by his father to do something great and something he would love. Aviation and airplanes were always something that he was fascinated with.

Clemente decided he needed a good background in aviation in order to be great in his field. Spartan College seemed like the right fit for him. He mostly enjoyed that he was able to learn one subject at a time instead of feeling overwhelmed with multiple subjects together.

Clemente is currently working for Unicorp as a technician. Watch Clemente’s full testimonial below.

Steve Stark | Aviation Electronics Review

Steve Stark - Avionics reviewGraduated with a BSEE in 1987 and have had a very successful Engineering career involved in Digital Design( FPGA, ASIC etc.). It got me started in the direction I wanted to go.

I liked the way the classes were scheduled. Instead of taking 3 classes over a 3 month period you got to take one class a month and that is all you did was that one course. Other than that, it was a pretty intense experience considering I had to hold down a full time job and go to school full time. It definitely taught me how to utilize my time for maximum effect.