James Backik | Avionics Maintenance Graduate

I graduated from Spartan College with a Avionics Maintenance Technology degree. I came to Tulsa from Michigan. Before attending Spartan College, I was at a traditional college for a brief period, and then I worked at a delivery company for a few years. However, I always wanted to go into aviation.

James Backik Spartan College reviewI did some online research and found Spartan College. I chose Spartan because it is one of the oldest aviation schools in the country. They seem to have one of the best curriculums.

The staff and instructors were very helpful. They made sure I understood the material instead of reading out of a book and hoping I understood it. The staff was always helpful with any problems I may have had.

I would advise anyone who wants to attend Spartan, to not expect it to be easy in the beginning. There is a lot to know in the aviation field. It’s concept learning. Even after you are done with school, you are constantly learning new things. You need to have the determination and stick it out. The love I have for aviation is what helped me stay on track.