Eric S. Bader | AMT Graduate

My experience at Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology has helped me grow personally and professionally.

With the way each class is designed, allowed me to enrich my education even further.  The work load was never too much to handle and I was able to work, keep my social life and still study and succeed all at the same time.  Each class is designed to help a student obtain and retain the knowledge needed to be a success.  Each Instructor and staff member at Spartan has the best interest of the students at heart.  It is more than a job for them. It is their honor and privilege to teach and educate the future aeronautic students. They enjoy hearing from their students after graduation and how they have grown in the industry.

Spartan’s main goal is to send out only qualified, excelled students from their school and work with each individual student to ensure that does take place. They all work together to make sure each students educational needs is met and acknowledged.

Even after graduation, Spartan offers job placement assistance that continues to help each graduate find employment and further their career in the aviation industry.  Mrs. Linda Jared spends a tremendous amount of time working to find all the possibilities that are out there to give to graduates to ensure they stay employed to help their families and their careers.

The Student Service Center at Spartan was always very in tune with the students.  They helped me find employment that worked around my school schedule and still allowed time to study.  They offered free computer access to help students research any materials needed.  Ron Worthington always had the student’s best interest in mind.  He was constantly finding new and innovated ways to help each of the students prosper and grow.

The Student Council at Spartan always provided a variety of campus activities to keep students entertained, together, informed and forming life long friendships.

My experience at Spartan has led me and my career further than I ever imagined it would.  I studied the AMT program and was able to take the tools and skills I learned to become very successful in my current position.  I am a Quality Control Inspector at TMK/IPSCO in Catoosa, Oklahoma. I have only one test left, Air Frame Oral Practical, to complete my full educational experience at Spartan College.  I do plan to pursue a career in the aviation industry upon completion of this test.

Spartan has helped me grown personally and professionally, which in turn has made my life and career very successful.  I am very honored and proud to say that I am a Spartan graduate.  I would recommend Spartan College to anyone seeking a career in the aeronautic field.

Thank you,
Mr. Eric S. Bader