Brian Kincannon | AMT Graduate

Moved to Tulsa from Sacramento and graduated aviation maintenance training in 1990.

My first job after graduating was automotive maintenance and repair technician.

I’m now a Technical Team Leader and Diesel Instructor.

Spartan training taught me the basics that I still use today even in the trucking maintenance and repair industry. I teach the trucking DOT’s, FMVSS, FMVSA and CVSA laws and regulations. I talk about how they are the same in many ways.

I cannot thank Spartan enough for giving not only an important education but giving me direction. Though I am not working in the aviation industry, I still cherish all that I experienced and proud to say I am a Spartan graduate. I currently work with another alumni and share stories though he graduated 20 years before I did, and I try to instill in my students the professionalism and educational experience in my students.