Chris Harper | Flight Program Review

Ever since he was a young boy, Chris Harper wanted to fly. In his words he was “enamored with wanting to fly.” Enrolling at Spartan college in 1988 he “showed up here on a dark night and started class the next morning.” Chris’ career as a pilot has taken him around the world in eight days as a cargo pilot.

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Video Transcript:

“When I was a young boy on our farm, a couple times a month, you’d hear this sound coming, and then over the top of our barn and a hill, these large twin top airplanes would come out of nowhere. That’s where I became enamored with wanting to fly.

The closest place I could find back then was Spartan. In 1988 I showed up here on a dark night and started class the next morning.

In 1998 I was hired by a major cargo company in the US and I’ve been there ever since.

My last trip was an actual around the world trip in eight days.

There is a demand in the family life, those are tradeoffs we give to do something we love to do.”


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