Clark B May | AMT Graduate

Thank you for your recent letter inviting me to share my story with Spartan. I sincerely believe that if people are willing to trust His Call, God has a unique and important purpose for every person, and He is more than willing to help people make the right career choices in life. This promise is mentioned in Proverbs 3:6.
For me, my profession has taken me beyond aviation maintenance and has placed me into the realm of aircraft design and manufacturing. When I was about 14 years old, I was thinking about what I should do with my life. My faith is in Christ, I did very well in school, and I had high ambition. One day, I was in the school library and God clearly directed me to a book with this title: Your Career in the Aerospace Industry. I read it with enthusiasm and soon I knew I was destined to become an aircraft industrialist.
I read all I could about airplanes, especially about how they are designed and built. I read about famous aircraft designers and manufacturers like: Ed Heinemann, Bill Lear, Dutch Kindleburger, Howard Hughes, Martin Hollman, Jim Bede and many others.
During my Senior year of high school I graduated first in my class at Indian Capital Technology Center, were I studied aircraft construction. That Fall, I enrolled at Spartan and was soon working in aircraft manufacturing.
Before I began my aircraft company, I decided to gain all the experience I could in various aviation disciplines. Over a 20 year period, I gained experience in building aluminum aircraft structures, fabricating composite aircraft structures, assembling and testing turbine engines, designing and building aircraft tooling, producing both conventional and computer-aided blueprints, estimating aircraft parts production costs, manufacturing aircraft parts using CAD-CAM technology, creating master templates for aircraft parts production, and using various machine tools.
Along the way, I’ve always maintained a program of independent studies which include: algebra, geometry, trigonometry, aerodynamics, metallurgy, project management, and my favorite: aircraft design. I have even traveled to Monterey California to study under aircraft designer, Martin Hollmann; and I have received the FAA’s Ruby Award for continued education in aviation science.
Finally, I felt equipped to become an aircraft manufacturer! I prayerfully developed a business plan, procured machines and equipment, organized a team, and moved into a 10,000 square foot hangar at Bartlesville Municipal Airport.
Our company, May Aerospace, which is scheduled to receive contract work in 2003, is geared to produce aircraft parts, aircraft sub-assemblies, and to develop the new LM 2 Executive Series Aircraft. My training at Spartan has allowed me to now be in a position to offer students, who are presently enrolled at Spartan, the opportunity to gain valuable experience as we take on the challenge of producing a new airplane.
Thanks again for your interest in May Aerospace.