Danny D. Shay and Debra Mason Shay

My wife and I met at Spartan back in the summer of 1988.  My roommate started dating her roommate and the rest as they say is history. We received our commercial, instrument and CFI and moved to Houston, which is where I’m from.  We were married in Oct. 1990 and as you know flying jobs were hard to come by in the early 90’s.  We both flight instructed for four years and then flew for oil companies until I was hired in Sep. 1996 at PSA Airlines flying a Do328.  I flew there for five years until I was hired at Airtran Airways in Dec. 2001 and I am now a B-737 Captain.  Debbie was hired at Continental Express in Nov. 1998 and is now an EMB145 Captain.  We have a seven year old girl and a four year old boy and still live in Houston.   It was a long hard road in the beginning.  It took me six months to find a flight instructing job and Debbie did’nt fly for two years because she worked full time at Sears to pay our bills.  But we both knew what we wanted and we worked hard to get it.  Life is pretty sweet now; good senority, good schedule, descent pay and a wonderful family.  I can’t believe it all started twenty years ago at Spartan School of Aeronautics.