Dave Kent | Airline Service Program

Thanks for the opportunity to communicate to ‘Spartan’ my success story.
After serving one four year enlistment in the USN, the last two years of which were as the ‘Crew Chief’ back-seater in the ‘Blue Angles #3’ F-4 Phantom, I decided to continue my pursuit of a career at Spartan School of Aeronautics. I was encouraged to do so by Bill Pritchett, also a Spartan graduate, who became a Field Service Engineer for McDonnell Douglas and was assigned to the ‘Blue Angels’.
I graduated from the Airline Service program and received my A & P license. Then I completed the Radiotelephone course and received my 2nd class repairman’s license. Since I still had GI Bill funds available I completed flight training at Rivair Flying Service at then what was known as the Riverside Airport.
I worked for Reliance (Honeywell) Alarm Company while attending Spartan and following graduation was hired on as a full time employee. Shortly after that I went to work for Rivair as their Chief Mechanic and part time Flight Instructor. After one year I was hired by Sooner Federal Savings and Loan as a co-pilot on their King Air 90 aircraft. I was at Sooner Federal two years, Albert Equipment two years and Parker Drilling eight years. At Parker I flew as a Captain on Lear jets and 727 aircraft.
In 1985 I was hired by UAL as a DC-10 Second Officer and shortly after completion of training I joined the Instructor staff at the UAL training facility in Denver, I stayed there 14 years and worked in a variety of Instructor and Management positions. I was also a FAA Check Airman on the DC-10 and 747-400 aircraft. As a Management pilot I was able to fly Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific.
I have been Captain at UAL on the DC10, 737-300, 747-400, and the 757/67. I am now based at JFK/EWR and LGA flying the 757/767 domestically. On September 3rd 2005 I will fly my last flight at UAL. A bittersweet time in my life. I don’t want to leave UAL and the job that I love, but time has caught up with me and the regulations still say I must retire.
My wife and I built a retirement home in Vermont where I was raised: a beautiful remote location on 12 acres with a ‘wicked’ view. A lot of pilots think I should improve my golf game and do more fishing. But I have this love affair with aviation, so I found another flying job in the charter business. I start school on September 12th to be a King Air C90B Captain, and I’m really looking forward to flying this aircraft again around New England. They say I will be in the Citation or Challenger in a few months also.
The dream lives on. It started when I began building model airplanes, and continued through influences like the picture of Charles Lindbergh that hung in the restroom of the one-room school I attended. A local businessman I worked for in high school was a Navy Ace. And of course the positive influence of the Blues, Bill Pritchett, and Spartan.