David Graham | Spartan Graduate

David Graham here, thank you for letting me share my story with you.

Like many grads, I stayed on the RVS airport, becoming the Chief Flight Instructor and sales demo pilot for Allmon Aviation. A company no longer in business. Jim Allmon, gave me the opportunity to fly many single,light twin,turbo-prop and even my first jet. What a Thrill!!

In 1990, I was hired by John Deere Insurance in Jacksonville, Illinois as a pilot on a King Air 200. I stayed  5 years until Deere sold that division.

Part of my severance was a Boeing 737 type rating. I pursued the airlines, with no luck.

Fall of 1995 I was hired by Jet Aspen to fly a BAe 146 out of Aspen, AWESOME, I thought, but the airline folded during the IOE.

Spring of 1996 I was hired by Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc. in Springfield, Illinois to be their Chief Pilot on a Citation 2. I stayed about 1 year, when the opportunity came for an advancement, and to get out of the cold, I moved to Charlotte, NC summer of 1997 to fly a JetStar for Dexter Yeager.¬†The largest independent dealer of Amway in the world. I stayed 1 year, looking for that opportunity of advancement again, I was hired in 1998 by Nations Bank, now Bank of America, as a Citation Ultra Captain. I flew the Ultra, Raytheon Hawker 800XP and for the last 5 years I flew the Gulfstream G-550 as an International and Domestic captain. I have recently moved to a smaller, more personal flight department in Charlotte, NC with a company I’m sure you have heard of, Nascar. I am a International and Domestic Captain on the G-450.

My career so far has been awesome. I have been all over the world. I am thankful and glad I started my flying in Tulsa at Spartan. It was a great place to live and start my career.

GO LUCKY 13!!!!!

Sincerely, David Graham 1998 Flight school grad.