David McBlair | Flight Program Graduate

I am a 2000 graduate of the Professional Pilot Program at Spartan School of Aeronautics. Since graduating from Spartan as a Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument (CFII), I have been teaching students to fly in Boulder, Colorado. It was a job that I found through Spartan’s job placement service.
Upon my arrival here in Boulder, I realized how valuable my training at Spartan had been. I had an edge over other instructors from my very first day. My knowledge of the regulations was much better than the CFI’s that had been working here for some time. I had thorough procedures for maneuvers when other instructors had none. I had a complete understanding of aircraft systems while other instructors did not. All of these things can be attributed to the training I received at Spartan. It wasn’t long before I was mentioned to be next in line for the Chief Pilot spot. When the Chief Pilot did leave for another job, I was moved ahead of two other instructors to take over the position. It is a position that I have had since April of 2001.
The training at Spartan inspires confidence in your abilities. When a Cessna T210 I was flying near Cheyenne, Wyoming broke its crankshaft, I was forced to land in a field without engine power. I followed the emergency procedures I first learned at Spartan and I put it down with no damage to the aircraft or myself. That confidence came from hours of practicing emergencies at Spartan.
As the Chief Pilot of a small Part 61 flight school, I have tried to mimic the operations of Spartan’s flight school. I have established a standardized syllabus, updated the dispatch procedures and written a Policy and Procedures Manual for the instructors. I want this fight school to reach the same level of professionalism that I experienced at Spartan.
Attending Spartan School of Aeronautics truthfully was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life and career as a pilot.