Wayne Davis | Aviation Maintenance Graduate

I was assigned as Manager of Aircraft Inspection; responsible to the Chief Inspector for all airframe lines of work while outsourced for maintenance worldwide. Davis Wayne Reviews Spartan CollegeI was responsible to conduct pre-site visits, audit the vendor’s quality control program, outline the their differences to our program, write policies and procedures for the vendor to comply with our program, select the on-site supervisory team, monitor and manage; while working cross-functionally with my counterparts – Manager Production, Engineering, Components, Engines, and Human Resources. I have the administrative responsibility of approximately 140 employees under my organization. I supervise the accomplishment of inspections specified for overhaul, maintenance, and repair of airframes, engines and components at maintenance bases. Supports inspections at Line Maintenance stations. I plan the development, implementation, and accomplishment of inspection programs, policies, and procedures. Monitors the daily work accomplishments, training, and assignments of personnel. I act as the liaison for Inspection to coordinate between Inspection, Production, and Engineering to ensure compliance to inspection and division policies, engineering specifications, and FAR’s. I am responsible for all NDT inspections accomplished on airframes, engines, and components, including determination of training, selection of equipment, and implementation of NDT Inspections. I am responsible for the regulatory compliance of Shipping and Receiving.

Everything counts when you are in a position of middle management and above. Education w/ a related degree will qualify you only as a candidate. Today, Business Acumen is a necessity in the managerial ranks to compliment your experience and conceptualization.

Aviation Maintenance Review by Wayne Davis