Doug Clarke | AMT Graduate

My name is Doug Clarke and I am currently the TPE331 Engine Sales
Manager for Standard Aero.  My interest in aviation began in Vietnam
while serving with the 1st Air Cavalry Division.  This division was an
Air Mobile division which utilized many helicopters in their missions.
I was always interested in mechanics especially cars at an early age.
While in Vietnam I was even more fascinated with the turbine engine
concept that powered the helicopters we used in our missions.  After
being honorably discharged from the service in 1968, I decided to take
my GI Bill benefit and attend Spartan.   My wife and I moved to Tulsa in
the summer of 1971 and I started at Spartan at that time.  I doubled up
on some courses and was able to graduate from the AMT course with my A&P
license in hand in December of 1972.  At the time of graduation there
was an HR Manager interviewing at the school from Springfield, IL with a
company called Capital Aviation.  I was interviewed and hired and
started at Capital Aviation in January of 1973.  I just celebrated my
35th year with the company.  I started out in the turbine engine shop
and have been involved with that part of the business for my entire
career.  Our company has been bought and sold many times and expanded at
the same time.  We have now merged with Standard Aero and are now 4,000
employees strong!  During my career I started out as an A&P Mechanic in
the turbine shop and worked up to Leadman, Maintenance Supervisor, Crew
Chief, Customer Support Administrator, and currently the TPE331 Engine
Sales Manager for Standard Aero.  There is no doubt that my schooling
and knowledge that I received at Spartan was the main contributor to my
success in the aviation business.  I truly believe that you have to have
a good firm foundation before you can “build the house”.  In my case I
truly believe that Spartan was my foundation for my successful career in

Best regards,

Doug Clarke
TPE331 Engine Regional Sales Manager
Standard Aero