Gary Lambert | AEIT Graduate

I graduated from the Avionics & Instrument repair (AEIT) program in September 1978. Within a few days of graduating, I was contacted (via phone) by several companies. And most even offered me a job over the phone. Not wanting to immediately take the first job offer, I waited a couple of months to search the job market on my own. What I ended up doing was taking a job that was local (Tulsa, OK) and something rather unique that I hadn’t anticipated nor envisioned as a career in avionics. I took a job as a Flight Simulator Technician. The company at that time was known as Atkins & Merrill which was later bought out by Flight Safety International (a renowned leader in not only pilot training but aircraft maintenance training and full flight simulator production.
I have now been employed with Flight Safety (FSI) for almost 25 years. During my tenure with FSI, I have held several different positions, from simulator systems integration, project coordinator, avionics liaison engineer, technical publications team leader, to Sr Technical Maintenance Instructor. I have also been very fortunate in that my duties with FSI have allowed me to travel all over USA and the world. Just this past year I had been as far North as Bodo Norway (Wideroe Airlines) to as far South as Johannesburg, South Africa (South Africa Airlines). I’ve also been to Europe, Malaysia, and Australia. I’m also anticipating business trips to Greece and Italy. Not to mention at least 50 different areas in the U.S. as well.
Anyone who has remained in the aviation industry has seen high times, low times and major changes in aircraft technology. I’ve been very fortunate that I’ve sustained the low times with Flight Safety and have been very involved with expanding my knowledge expertise not only in the aviation but in computer systems technology as well.
I am currently working on simulators that are employing some of the most advanced avionics technology ever seen – Honeywell EPIC system that is being installed in the latest Gulfstream G-550, Falcon 900 and Cessna Citations.
And all of this was afforded me due to Spartan College of Aeronautics.