Carl Gecker | Aviation Maintenance Graduate

Aviation Maintenance Review
Aviation Safety Inspector

The 1st job was at Tahlequah Airport, Hammonds Flying Service. He didn’t read my resume he just wanted to see my 7AC Champ that I overhauled at Spartan School, with the help of some good students and guidance from some great instructors. From there I spent 14 years at Cessna Acft. Co., Wichita. Twelve years of which were in Quality with seven of those as an FAA designee DMIR. I completed over 6000 aircraft for FAA certification for the company 1980 thru 1986.

Well anyone who asked me where I received my training I proudly stated, Spartan School. It has always been held in high regard in the industry. I met many great instructors who I called from time to time to ask questions. Not having had an aviation background from the military, the only experience I had was working as a owner/operator and guided by the people at my local airport, prior to going to Spartan. The school makes you think about what you must do, how to diagnose problems and make good judgment calls on the work accomplished.

Well, back in those days we had such a variety of aircraft to work on. From the Valtee BT’s, the F-101 Voodoo’s, the Hiller Helicopter, the Beech 18’s and the rare Curtis C-9 trainer along with the Cessna 150’s and the like. I got a job working at the school test cells after I was laid off of my part time job. I was able to repair and maintain the test cells and operate the engines within them. Keep in mind that a new class came through that portion of school every two weeks day and night classes. I had to have all my engines running for each class. The funny thing is the¬†instructors would not let me help my classmates when they came through as the instructors said I knew to much.