Hal D. Fitzgerald | AMT Graduate

I would like to start off by saying that Spartan has been one of the best schools I ever attended. I have been in continuing education for most of my life with over 200 quarter hour credits to my name. Most of those credits I learned came from several A.A.S.D. (Associate Applied Sciences Degrees) in the area of technology.
I graduated with an A.A.S.D. in Aviation Maintenance Technology with a minor in Helicopter & Avionics Specialty from Spartan in the summer of 1993. I also obtained my F.A.A. Airframe and Powerplant mechanics license that same summer.
I started using my FAA license with B.F. Goodrich Aerospace (Tramco) of Everett, WA in the fall of 1993 and stayed until the Boeing Co. hired me in the fall of 1996. I am enjoying being at Boeing as an Industrial Electronics Maintenance Technician. The rewards are tremendous and the opportunities are almost unlimited for the individual who is determined to succeed.
One final note, please consider the possibility of furthering your career with not only an Associate’s degree but also a Bachelor’s degree in an Aviation related field. This may help secure your desire to remain gainfully employed in your field of expertise.