Harold Walter | Aviation Maintenance Graduate| Spartan College

I highly value my Spartan education, acquiring the A&E (A&P) license in 1948-49. As an Aeronautical (aerodynamics) engineer, that experience was valuable in working with the Experimental Shop personnel. My career included 5 years each at Cessna, Boeing, Convair San Diego, and 25 at Beech Aircraft — almost entirely as an Aerodynamicist. I also didĀ some time as a Dynamics engineer. Working closely with Flight Test and Experimental Test Pilots was great.

Included was support on the Apollo 11, a patent on the horizontal system used on Convair’s Model 48 Charger, Project Aerodynamicist on the Beech Super King Air Model 200, Chief of Aerodynamics R&D.

In addition to the A&P, FAA pilot’s licenses acquired are Glider, Single, Multi, Commercial, Instrument and CFI.

I was flattered at retirement when the Experimental mechanics said that I was one of three engineers that they really liked to work with. Since retirement, some aero support has been a part. I haveĀ been a member of OX5 Aviation Pioneers for several years, being Kansas Wing President, National President, and receiving several awards — presently Kansas Wing President and newsletter editor.

I couldn’t have asked for a better career.