Howard DeWayne Wheeler | A & P Program Graduate

Hello, my name is Howard DeWayne Wheeler. I graduated from Spartan in April 1999. My love of aviation begins many years ago when my parents would take me to the airport to watch the planes come and go. I can remember the magic that happened every time a plane would take off and fly into the sky. I have always been drawn to airplanes but I never thought that I would be lucky enough to have a job in aviation. I joined the Army at the age of 24 and stayed there 4 years to earn the money that it would take to put myself through school. I chose Spartan because of the excellent reputation that it has for training professionals in the aviation industry. I have no doubt that I made the best decision that I could have made by choosing Spartan. The education that I received there has made it so much easier to find a job in aviation maintenance. I feel that the skills that I learned at Spartan have helped me in the field in many ways. I work at American Eagle Airlines in DFW and I work with many people that went many different routes to achieve the A & P certificate. But the people that have been trained at Spartan have a much better understanding of aviation maintenance than the others. You can truly see the difference in the skills that are used in everyday work, from the knowledge of the FARs to a simple routine task of safety wiring hardware. Many people that I have talked to say they never went to the shop; their only training came in the classroom. My days at Spartan were split 50/50 between classroom time and shop time. Students need the classroom training to learn the fundamentals but the shop time really brings home the hands-on training that is required in the real world. I would recommend Spartan School of Aeronautics to anyone that is interested in a career in Aviation. There is no better education out there. Spartan is the best, bar none!
I feel the need to also add that since September 11, 2001 I am even more thankful for my job and my education. I know that it is very hard to get into aviation at this time but I know that times will get better and the future is bright for aviation.