Howard Miller | Pilot School Graduate

Summary of Flying Activities

June of 1938;   First airplane ride near Mooresville NC with June Morrison flying his new 1938 Piper J-2 Continental A-40 hp cub. Cost one dollar.   Ten min. flight.

May 15, 1946; Graduated from Mt. Ulla, NC high school

August 23, 1943;  Volunteered for Aviation Cadet program in the U S Army Air Force.

June 28, 1944; Called to duty and accepted for the Aviation Cadet  pilot pool.

October 30, 1945; Discharged from the U S Army Air Force. Received no flight training.

January 1, 1946 / Dec. 31, 1946; Attended Spartan School of Aeronautics in Tulsa, OK Enrolled in the Aircraft & Engine (A & E) mechanic and Private Pilot ground schools.

Jan. 12, 1946;First flying lesson at the Tulsa, Oklahoma Municipal airport with Jerry Hoffer, CAA pilot license C163039 In his Aeronca Chief, NC21374 Continental 50 hp.

July 6, 1946; First solo at the Tulsa, Oklahoma municipal airport by Frank Blalock CAA pilot license C445733 in a Fairchild PT-23 (civilian M-62 C) Continental 220 hp.

Total flying time, eight hours dual and twenty min. solo.

October 18, 1946;    Check ride for private pilot and issued cert. No. 661254 at Tulsa, Oklahoma, North airport by Elmo A Maurer CAA designee # 4599 In a Boeing Stearman NC  57587, PT-17 Continental 220 hp engine.  Total flying time 49 hours dual and thirty six hours  solo.

January 1, 1947  through December 31, 1953;  Operated Mooresville and Statesville, NC Municipal airports as Miller Bros. Aviation with two brothers, Jimmy & Harold Miller.

April 4, 1951;  Check ride for commercial pilot certification at Salisbury, NC municipal airport by George K. Brown CAA/CFI 51233, designee #2357 in a Piper J-3 65 hp Cub.

April 30, 1951; Check ride for multi-engine rating at Salisbury, NC municipal airport by George K. Brown CAA/CFI 51233 designee # 2357 in a Cessna UC-78, powered by  two  245 hp Jacobs engines.    12 hours of multi-engine dual instruction and :15 min. solo.

May 10, 1951; First Link trainer IFR training at Winston-Salem, NC municipal airport, with Piedmont Aviation by,  H. H. Dunne CAA/certified Link instructor C129800

September 28, 1951; Check ride for Instrument rating  at Winston-Salem, NC airport with Piedmont Aviation by, Harold K. Saunders CAA designee # 2908 in a Piper PA-20

Tri-Pacer.  Eighteen  hours of inst. hood flight training and 11 hours of Link simulator  training included flying the low frequency range and  range orientation.

February 12, 1952; Check ride for flight instructor at Statesville, NC municipal airport with CAA Inspector Odell Garrison from the Charlotte, NC office  in a Piper J-3 65 Cub.

April 15, 1954;  My twin brother, Harold and I were hired by Piedmont Airlines of Winston-Salem, NC as pilots on the Douglas DC-3  airplane. Total flying time 2,974 hrs.

September 13, 1954;  Furloughed by Piedmont Airlines. Reason,  Winter flight schedule reduction.   Total flying time 3,348 hours of which 403 hours flown as co-pilot on DC-3.

September 16, 1954;  Hired as company pilot for S & W Motor truck lines of Greensboro, NC flying a Twin Beech D 18 S  N80231 and a Beechcraft Bonanza A-35.

June 1, 1955; Re-called as co-pilot for Piedmont Airlines on the Douglas DC-3.

February 7, 1959;  Certified for Airline Transport Pilot (ATR) rating  at Piedmont Aviation in Winston-Salem, NC by H. K. Saunders FAA designee # 238-1 in a Piper     PA-23 Apache N3467P powered by two Lycoming 0-320, 160 hp engines.

Feb. 22, through May 14, 1959;  Piedmont Airlines requested that I fly a new Twin Beech E-18-S  N61V,  for Smith Trucking Co. of Stanton, Va. as temporary company pilot.

August 6, 1959 through December 31, 1961; Piedmont Airlines requested that I fly as  company pilot for Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corp. in a new Twin Beech E-18 S N49R.

January 1, 1962;  Recalled to Piedmont Airlines as regular co-pilot  on the DC-3.

June 8, 1962;  Checked out as co-pilot on the Fairchild F-27 with Piedmont Airlines.

September 8, 1962;  Received Type rating on the Martin 404, N 40417 at Piedmont Airlines in Winston-Salem, NC from FAA Inspector Paul Sills. Total flying time 9,680 hrs

September 12, 1962;  Bid Piedmont Airlines Washington, DC flight crew base as reserved Captain on the Martin 404.

May 1, 1964;  Bid Regular Capt. At the Roanoke, Va. Piedmont Airline pilot crew base.

June 7, 1966; Received DC-3 type rating in Nashville, TN   from FAA Inspector             J. C.Horniday, SO-6 in a Douglas DC -3, N993LN.  I was assigned by Piedmont Airlines

to fly this aircraft for L&N railway through  July 3, 1966.

October 27,67; Received Dassault DA-20 Fanjet Falcon type rating on N299NW to fly  as an extra pilot for the Norfolk & Western Railway Piedmont Airline flight crews.

Jan. 12, 1968; Received type rating on Piedmont Airlines Nihon YS-11 from              FAA Inspector, R.H. Taylor # 594 in Winston-Salem, NC.

May 31, 1968 through December 31, 1972; Appointed Division Chief Pilot for the Piedmont Airlines Roanoke, VA  pilot crew base.  Gave ATR flight training and proficiency checks for pilots in the DC-3, M-404, YS-11, FH-27 and FH-227.

December l, through December 23, 1970. Assigned by Piedmont Airlines to evaluate and retrain eight Captains and eight Co-pilots for Lansa Airline in Lima, Peru on the YS-11.

I was issued a Peruvian ATR by General Oscar Peconie,head of Peru Civil Air Authority.   The training included air work, take off and landings, simulated engine failure on take off, ILS and ADF approaches at Lima and five other airports on the Lansa Airline route system. The flight training was completed and all pilots passed their flight checks.

November 29, 1971;  Received type rating on Lear Jet 25, N294NW  to fly as extra standby pilot for Norfolk & Western Railway Piedmont Airline flight crews.

December 29, 1972; Received type rating with Piedmont Airlines on  Boeing 737, N743 by FAA Inspector, Guy Crow in Winston-Salem, NC.

January l, 1973;  Successful base bid on the Boeing 737 at the Piedmont Airlines Winston-Salem, NC, Greensboro, NC flight crew base.

January 8, 1982;  received type rating for the Boeing 727 in Pittsburgh, PA at U S Air facility under contract to Piedmont Airlines by FAA Rodney L. Carson, ASO-ACDO-13.

January 19, 1985;  Flew my last scheduled flight, (flight 2) for Piedmont Airlines from Los Angeles, CA. to Charlotte, and Greensboro, NC on  Boeing 727-200, N557. with F/O Tom Walton,  F/E Jim Patterson,  F/As. Lynn Matthews, Connie Monroe and John Glom.

January 28, 1885; Engaged by Crotts & Saunders Corp. to fly the company executives and customers in their Beechcraft A-36 Bonanza N 79MC / N 179MC on an on call basis when available.  This arrangement lasted until the company airplane was sold in 2003.

February 1, 1985; Formed a new company called Winston Air aircraft ferrying service.

Feb. 28, and Mar. 1,1985; Flew Boeing 727-200, N189CB from INT to Lasham U.K.

May 16,& 17, 1985; Delivered Boeing 727, PH-AHD  from INT to Amsterdam, Holland

July 1, to August 1, 1985;  Engaged by the University of Florida for temporary first pilot duty on Fairchild F-27, N707WA   in Gainesville, Florida.

January 13, 1986;  Ferried Boeing 727-200, N837N  with F/O Mel Blocker and Flight Engineer Sandy Case from Munich, Germany to Bournemouth, England.

February 1, 1986: Employed by United Coal Co. of Bristol, Virginia as pilot on their company Boeing 727-100, N21UC.

May 19, 20, 21, 1986;  Attended International flight procedural school in Pittsburgh, PA.

May 1, 1986 Through October 12, 1988.  Promoted to the position of Chief Pilot for the United Coal Company.  Flew 30 trips across the Atlantic and 6 across the Pacific to Hawaii, Wake Island, Fiji, New Zeland, Australia, Hong Kong and Beijing, China etc.

February 19, through Feb. 27, 1987; Neil Diamond group on  southern U. S. tour.

April 30, through May 14, 1987; Neil Diamond group on northern U. S. tour.

July l, through August 8, 1987; Madonna group on tour in the U. S. and Canada.

October 9, through Dec. 18, 1987; Fleetwood Mac group on tour in the U.S.A.

March 10, through March 21, 1988;   Waste Management Co. and New York Stock Exchange group on a business trip to Honolulu, Hawaii, Auckland, New Zeland, Sidney & Brisbane, Australia, Fiji, Los Angeles, CA  then to Chicago, Midway airport.

May 3, through May 13, 1988;  Bruce Springsteen on tour with stops at

San Francisco, CA. Seattle, WA. Minneapolis, MN. and Newark NJ.

May 28, through September 7, 1988;  Michael Jackson music tour in Europe.

visiting ten countries thirty different cities.

September 23, through October 12, 1988;  United Coal Boeing 727 N21UC  sold to the president of Burkino Faso, Africa.  The aircraft registration was changed to XT-BBE.

Flew with new English flight crew in Africa and England until Oct. 12, 1988.

October 18, 1989 through December 31, 1994; Employed by Michael Waltrip  racing team as pilot on Beech Baron BE-55, N400MW and Piper PA-31 Navaho, N501MW.

January 1, 1995 through March 31, 1996; Personal pilot for Harry Gant racing.

Flying a Piper PA-31 Navajo, N33HG.

October 1, 1996 through May 31, 2004;  Volunteer Chief Pilot and Director of flight operation on the Piedmont DC-3 and member of the board of trustees at the   Carolinas Historic Aviation Commission  in Charlotte, NC. Flew the DC-3, N44V to various air shows for static display in the eastern United States

May 15, 2003;  Awarded The Charles Taylor “Master Mechanic” Award by the Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Transportation in appreciation for Dedicated service, Technical expertise, professionalism, and many outstanding maintenance contributions, to further the cause of aviation safety as a FAA licensed “Aircraft and Engine mechanic for more than fifty years.

June l, 2004 through January 31, 2006;  Kept my Certified Flight Instructor current and give flight instructions and Biennial Flight Review check rides etc.

I also fly my 1946 Piper J-3 C-85 hp Cub and 1934 Taylor E-2, 40 hp Cub for pleasure.

January 25, 2007;  Completed Flight Instructor certification and Biennial Flight  Review in Gainesville, Florida by John F. Castronover,  FAA 15 SO 115,  CFI 1627614.

June l, 2007;  Approved by the Federal Aviation Administration to receive the

“Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award”. For following and continue to follow the precaution and awareness of safe operations for continuous safe flight operations for fifty or more consecutive years piloting aircraft.  This award was sponsored and presented by FAA Representative John Crouse at the Carolinas Historic Aviation Commission in Charlotte, NC during the open house celebration on October 21, 2007.

January l, 2008 to the present;  I have continued to keep my Aircraft and Power plane license current by maintaining three airplanes. I have kept my Commercial license current by giving flight checks and dual instructions.


The following are hours flown as pilot in various airplanes and total time.

Twin Beech 18       Douglas DC-3        Martin 404      Fairchild F-27    Nihon YS-11

1,792                             4,779                    5,369                   664                           876

Lear Jet               Dassault DA-20          Boeing 737       Boeing 727        Total Time

83                          144                                6,182                  2,652                     29,307