Jim Garney | Spartan College Graduate

I am writing to say that graduating from Spartan has opened up a wonderful and rewarding career in the world of aviation for me. After finishing the Aviation Instrument/Electronic Technician course, I was immediately hired by a large helicopter company which services the offshore oil market (Petroleum Helicopters, Inc.). Shortly afterwards, I applied to a major airline company (Eastern Airlines) and they hired me. The hiring manager noted that at the time, I only had one year of work experience under my belt, but he was impressed with the credentials which Spartan brought into my resume.
Subsequently, I was later hired by another major airline company, Delta Airlines, that was also more than happy to have another Spartan grad working for them. I later moved on to Pratt & Whitney Aircraft then to Sikorsky Aircraft.
Because of the top-notch Spartan training, I was easily able to ‘hit the ground running’ at these companies. I now own my own business doing consulting work for the aviation industry. It has been an exciting and rewarding career, thanks to Spartan. By the way, I still keep in touch with some of my old Spartan classmates, and they are also enjoying rewarding careers in the aviation industry.