Jim Park | Flight School Graduate

I know that among the best decisions that I have made in my life, was the one to attend Spartan. In 1992 I decided to transfer from a very expensive flight school in Arizona to attend what was then, Spartan College of Aeronautics. I had my Private Pilot’s License and enrolled in the Commercial Pilot Program. I was fortunate to get a great instructor named John Halbur. Like so many Spartan Instructors, John was very patient and highly professional. Spartan’s 141 instruction also prepared me for the rigid learning and high paced environment of the airlines, where one has to be disciplined and motivated.
When I left Spartan in 1994 the industry was still in a down turn, but as a student I had learned that this was cyclical. By preserving and acquiring hours flying tours, checks and cargo, I finally made it to the airlines and am now a jet Captain at one of the few stable airlines in the industry.
I am always proud to see that Spartan black cat stamp with the lucky 13 because it declares a truth, that knowledge and skill do overcome superstition and luck.