Jimmy Miller | Aviation Maintenance Technology

I attended Spartan as an U S Air Force student. A few of us were selected to attend Spartan on the basics of Aircraft Maintenance. That was during the Korean war and just out of basic training from Wichita Falls AFB, Texas. That qualified me to continue on to Chaunute Field in Illinois to become a Hydraulic Specialist that helped me advance to higher rank. When I finished my enlistment with the Air Force, I returned and finished my Aircraft and Powerplant requirements to obtain a Government License at Spartan.

I remember how capable the instructors were and Mr. Broome allowed me to weld exhaust on some of the Spartan aircraft during practical period of training. The camaraderie was pleasant among students and some of us were married at that time. Many of us would recreate at the “Cimmeron Ballroom” for relaxation. All in All…..fond memories but a lot of┬ástudying! A fond memory, is when the class on “Weight and balance” came, I was apprehensive about the math involved, that was before calculators and all we had was the (E 6 B) of that era.Everything was long hand with the figures! Anyway, I made a hundred on the exam, so worry was in vain!

I will always remember the hard work at school and the friends along the way. I am, and will always be proud to have obtained my college at Spartan and also, proud to have been part of the advancement of Aircraft Technology of the present time! I do consider being part of the industry as one of the pioneers. I am proud to say, I graduated from Spartan College of Aeronautics!

Jimmy Miller reviews the Aircraft Technical Operations