John Stephenson | AMT Graduate

My interest in aviation began at an early age when my dad began building an airplane in our garage at home. By age sixteen I had soloed in our homemade airplane and knew I wanted a career in aviation.
The person with the job I admired the most at our local airport was the Chief Pilot for Corporate Flight Department. He told me that his A & P license really opened the doors for him in corporate aviation. Realizing that I enjoyed both flying and working on aircraft, I knew that becoming a professional Pilot/Mechanic was for me. I began asking around about A&P schools. The owner of an Aircraft Repair Station said that of all of the mechanics he has hired over the years, the A&P’ s that came from Spartan were the most knowledgeable.
I graduated from Spartan’s AMT program in 1984 and I immediately went to work for a regional airline as an A&P Mechanic. As I gained maintenance experience with the airline I continued to log as much flying time as possible and within a few years I was a Corporate Pilot/Mechanic for one the of the largest banks in the country.
I now have a very unique job with a company that allows me the opportunity to fly and maintain extraordinary aircraft including the only Grumman Albatross on an Air Carrier Certificate, and a meticulously restored 1931 Waco biplane. I am very proud to tell people that I earned my A&P from Spartan and would highly recommend the school to anyone looking for a rewarding career in aviation.