Josh Bohm | Avionics Program Graduate

My name is Josh Bohm.  I am a proud graduate of Spartan’s Avionics Program.  I graduated in December of 2001.  This was just a few months after the tragedy that happened on 9-11-01 (I still remember taking a test in Radar at the time things were developing).  In December I moved back to my home in Minnesota a little depressed about the outlook of jobs in the aerospace industry.   I spent more than two months after graduation living with my parents looking for a job, any job related to aerospace which had become my dream.  The day I gave in on an aerospace job and decided that any job will do, I received a call regarding my resume I had put online and the company asked for an interview.  Long story short I went in that day and was hired on the spot.  I was told after the fact that the reason my resume warranted a second look was the fact that Spartan Collegel of Aeronautics was my school of training.  One of the people in the company that looked at my resume was a pilot and knew about Spartan and he was the one who said to call me for an interview.  The pride I had already had for my school was greatly increased when I heard this.  I have now worked for the same place now almost seven years.  I work closely with the FAA and for several hundred airports in the US and some abroad that depend on me to install and keep their equipment working.

Let me tell you a little about my company.  I work for a company called Vaisala.  We are an international company that is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.  We do a lot of business in the US and have several offices here and many more offices in every continent (except Antarctica).  Vaisala specializes in environmental measuring.  Some of the devices that my company designs and manufacturers are radio sounds that are dropped from aircraft, weather balloons, and all types of industrial environmental measuring devices.  Along with the instruments I just mentioned, Vaisala is one of the two companies in the US that have an FAA approved AWOS (Automated Weather Observation System).   This is the unit that I specialize on.  I spend a lot of my time traveling all over inspecting, repairing and building AWOS units for airports.  If you are unsure what an AWOS is, all you have to do is ask a pilot and they will tell you that they use it for current weather at an airport that they may be headed to.  I take a lot of pride in my job and thank Spartan for the opportunity to get a job in the aerospace industry even though at a time it did not seem possible.

I hope that this message could be used as a tool for recruiting and I allow you to use it as you would like.  I remember how hard I had to work during my two years in Tulsa and how easy it seemed to just quit like so many of my fellow classmates.  Sticking to it proved rewarding in the end and I would not have traded the experience for anything.  I sometimes do work in the Tulsa area and would love to stop by and speak to the students if you are ever interested.  I cannot explain the extend of  my job in one little email, but in short most of the knowledge that I received at Spartan is used almost on a daily basis at my current job.

Now that I have buttered you up I was hoping that I could make a small request.  I just bought a new vehicle.  My old vehicle sported the Spartan sticker that was round and yellow.  It had the black cat with the Spartan motto on it ‘Knowledge and skill overcomes luck and superstition’, I live by that statement now (I hope I remembered it correctly).  I had to give up that sticker with my car.  I was wondering if it is possible to get a few more of these stickers for my vehicle and traveling tool box that I carry with me everywhere I go to work.  All of my contact information is below.  Thanks for your time and I am looking forward to hearing from you about the stickers and any other questions you may have.

Josh Bohm
Field Service Engineer
Vaisala Incorporated Minneapolis Operations