Julio Cotto | AET Graduate


My Name is: Julio Cotto

I really wanted to enter this but I have been so busy I haven’t had time to put something nice together.

I was born in Puerto Rico and in Jan of 1999 I moved to Tulsa Oklahoma to attend “Spartan School of Aeronautics”. That’s what it was called when I attended! It was a challenge for my parents and me to come up with the money to cover the initial cost of moving to Tulsa.

Graduated in 2000… I Acquired an Aviation Electronics Technician Certificate With some FCC licenses in Less than two years! Soon after, I was hired by “FlightSafety” International’s Simulator systems Division in Broken Arrow, OK There I was an Avionics Technician level II for three years at $13.90 an hour. (Thank You Denise Coquette!!) As of 2004 I am working on a different division of “FlightSafety” (Services Corp.) San Antonio Texas Randolph AFB doing the same job for twice the pay!! This was a merit Transfer/Promotion I am also the youngest person in my shop. If that means anything…

Two years seem like a short time to some but when you have to flip burgers to make ends meet, maintain good attendance and passing grades With out a car, While being away from home/dealing with some learning disabilities it can get a bit difficult at times.

I learned a lot about Good attitude and positivism in those years…

Now I am a Married Home Owner and proud parent of a 3Yo boy Named Julio A. Cotto.

In my spare time I’m trying to make a career out of my favorite sport/Hobby Flatland/Freestyle BMX.

I also want to share some links…

My Bmxfreestyler.com Profile:

Here you will see some pictures of my riding and a contest run video that earned me 5th place out of 12 People.


I am the second rider featured in this video…


Who knows what my life would have turned out if I had not gotten this Certificate/Diploma from Spartan…?

I owe a Great Deal of Gratitude to Mr. Frank Pendergrass and Mr. Jason Cook for their guidance and Support.

Please forward this message to them.

I think this is it…

Hopefully this qualifies as a contest entry…