Kenneth Paul Spart | Spartan College Graduate

The education I received from Spartan enabled me to advance my career over the past several years.
After my first enlistment in the Navy as a Radar man, a job for which there is limited use in the civilian job market, I attended Spartan and in 1964 received a diploma in Electronics and started a business in television and electronics repair. Due to my military status and the acceleration of the war in Vietnam, I reenlisted in the Navy. However, because of the education I received at Spartan, I was able to change my rate from Radar man to Electronic Technician and I completed a successful career in the Navy with twenty years of service.
I have since received an Associate’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering Technology from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and I am presently employed at the Department of Veterans Affairs where I maintain the radiology x-ray equipment.
The education I received from Spartan enabled me to achieve those accomplishments, and for that I would like to thank the instructors and staff at Spartan School of Aeronautics for giving me the knowledge and skills I needed to succeed.
My youngest daughter is starting her education in the flight school at Spartan and I fully expect she will enjoy similar success in her chosen career as I have mine, all due to the excellent education opportunities offered at Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology.