Jesse Larkin | AMT Graduate

I knew I wanted to build a career in aviation and I had heard of the school via magazines and other avenues. The deciding factor that made me choose Spartan was a conversation I had with a helicopter pilot that I met who spoke very highly of the school. To make a long story short I completed the AMT program, received my A+P license and later ended up graduating from Spartan’s Bachelors degree program.

Since graduating I worked various aircraft maintenance jobs with companies such as Intercontinental Jet Service Corp in Tulsa and Delta Connection Academy in Sanford Florida. A few years ago I became a line maintenance Supervisor for American Eagle Airlines in Miami FL using the degree that I had received at Spartan. After a few years I left American Eagle for a great opportunity at UPS Airlines HQ in Louisville, KY.

In the short time since I graduated from Spartan I have had great success in my career path and I attribute that to the great training I received at Spartan. Along the way I have run into many Spartan graduates and have found them to be a great people and a leaders in there areas. Spartan is a great place to start a career in aviation. I enjoyed the people and the place immensely.

Jesse Larkin
UPS Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
Spartan graduate: 2005