Nate Lober | Aviation Maintenance Graduate

Aviation Maintenance Graduate Nate Lober now works as the director of maintenance at Spartan College. It took hard work and lifelong dedication to aviation to get Nate to where he is today.

Hear what Nate has to say in the video below:

Video transcript:

“I was flying on an airplane back from Florida to Maryland and got to see the cockpit. Just seeing all the buttons, controls and everything that was included in the airplane blew me away.

My name is Nathan Lober and my job title right now is director of maintenance.

What I did as a child is pretty much what I do everyday. I rip stuff apart, put it back together, but here I have to make sure we put it together the correct way because we have peoples lives at stake here.

I’ve always tried to excel, making sure that things get done on time and are on schedule and are done safely and properly.

There are various areas in the working world that look for those people that are willing to do something the right way, not just being to just turn a wrench, but turn a wrench properly and safely. That type of of mentality is what other companies desire. Even if they aren’t working on airplanes they could be working on various other types of machinery.

There’s a lot of need to working on dentist the mechanics that are involved in that, so they need EMP students who have gone though these courses- the horizon is endless.

Never would’ve thought in a million years I’d be a director of maintenance here, the reward is unparalleled. There is nothing in my mind that could put a price tag on.

Everyday I go home from work fulfilled.”

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