Matt Gottschalk | Spartan College Graduate

Dear Mr. Gibson,

I have never settled for less than the best available.  Before my acceptance into the world’s finest flying force, I attended the  world’s finest aviation college.  Spartan expanded on the dreams and hopes I had of becoming a pilot and helped turn those dreams into a realistic opportunity to join the best aviators of today, military and civilian.  While attending Spartan, I had the opportunity to learn the unique perspective of being an A & P mechanic and the role and responsibilities they have.  Spartan truly is the leader in this type of training as well as the rest of its programs.  After receiving the fantastic training the A & P course offered, I started flying.  Being an AMT first really set me apart simply because of my overall knowledge of the systems and airplane.  As I have always said, it has truly made me a better pilot.

During my days at Spartan, I closely observed the professionalism exhibited by the faculty/staff and students alike.  I found it very positive that the flight school is committed to excellence just like the rest of the school and their overall goal is to train professional, proficient, and procedurally sound individuals.  This mindset in training was exerted all over the school and it showed.  I am completely confident that my pilot and AMT training, along with my B.S. in aviation business management was partly responsible for my being chosen by the Navy for their flight program.

Spartan has been around since 1928, and since then has continued to be the leader in aviation training.  This is made possible by the experience and dedication of the instructors, faculty and staff.  I had the pleasure of working closely with these individuals throughout my time there.  In no other school have I found as deep of commitment from the instructors and staff to the students.  I came to Spartan for the training and reputation; I stayed because of the people.

The Navy has some of the best pilots in the world; they take only the best.  I consider myself to be very fortunate to have the opportunity to serve.  I attribute a lot of my success to the education I received at the college I attended.  Thanks, Spartan!


Matt Gottschalk, Ensign USN (SNA)