Michael Bloomfield | A & P Graduate

I completed my training at Spartan in January of 1969 and completed my FAA testing just two weeks later. My wife and I returned to Michigan soon after where I took a job with Universal Air Freight (no longer in business) at Willow Run Airport, Ypsilanti, Michigan. I worked on several types of prop aircraft to include the DC-6 and the L-100. Within a few months the company began discussions regarding moving their operations to California. I immediately began to seek other employment. Only July 7, 1969 I began employment with Delta Airlines at Detroit Metro Airport, Detroit, Michigan. For the next 26 years I worked as a Line Mechanic in Detroit working on DC-9, DC-8, CF-880, B-727, B-737, B-747, B-757, B-767, A-310 and L-1011 aircraft. I obtained taxi and engine run qualifications, Avionics Certifications, ETOPS Certification and Auto Land Certification. I enjoyed my work; it was a challenge to stay current with the constantly changing aviation field. My basic training at Spartan was a great foundation to build on. I attended many schools during my years with Delta and always remember that my A & P certificate was a license to learn.
In early 1995 Delta made the decision to close the Detroit Maintenance Station. I elected at that time to take an early retirement and seek other employment. I applied for and was hired by the Michigan Institute of Aeronautics, Willow Run Airport Ypsilanti, Michigan as an instructor teaching airframe systems. Soon my teaching areas were expanded to include turbine engines, which I taught for almost three years. In early 1998 I was promoted to the position I now hold as the Director of Training. This is a challenging job working with students and faculty, every day brings something different
The aviation field has been good to me and I still enjoy watching those big birds made of aluminum lift off and disappear into the sky. As I tell our new students during orientation what you learn here is the basic foundation to a great career and to keep their mind ever open to learn something new every day.