Michael Shaw | Spartan College Graduate

I am a 1995 Graduate & former employee of Spartan. I wanted to share my experiences once I graduated from Spartan.
In 1996 I returned to Spartan to seek employment as a Flight instructor. I was hired in September, spending 2 and ½ years as a ground & flight instructor, a check airman and was Spartan’s Flight Instructor of the Year in 1998.
After building valuable flight time and experience, I set out to attain my career goals. I experienced some rejection at first, and then found success at Trans World Express as an ATR 42/72 first officer. I was based in St Louis, Missouri for approximately 1 and ½ years, accumulating a thousand hours of heavy, turboprop time. I was able to use the skills I received at Spartan in the airline environment.
Most pilots continue to seek a bigger and better deal. I was no exception. I stepped to the next tier of my career by getting hired with my current employer, Flight Options, LLC. We are the second largest fractional ownership company in the world, with over 225 planes and almost 1000 pilots. I began as a First Officer in a Hawker 800A aircraft then was promoted to Captain in a Citation Jet and now I am a Check Airman for the Citation Jet fleet.
The experience and tools I learned at Spartan helped me to secure a good job in the aviation industry. I have been flying a total of 16 years, but Spartan was the best decision I made in my aviation career.
I encourage your students to stay focused, work hard and Spartan will provide the knowledge and skill necessary to overcome superstition and luck.