Mike Santos | Spartan College Graduate

This is my Spartan story:

my name is mike santos i was a student of Spartan in 1984, Spartan has given me so much of the knowledge and strength to have a long and successful career in aviation, almost 20 years now i have been fixing aircraft and nothing , absolutely nothing gives me a better thrill than watching several hundred ton of metal, plastic, fiberglass jump into the air and i sit back and say “yeah, i got to fly! ”

sure some can say “my job pays more, or i have a office” but no one is more happier then me doing this job!

so keep your job and office,  just remember when you get on a plane to go on vacation or a package shows up because it got there by plane. Remember the aircraft mechanic ,Me!.I helped get it there!

Yes i am living my dream and loving it!