Spartan College Review | Non-Destructive Testing Testimony | Deanna Cannon

Deanna Cannon, a second generation Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology graduate. Deanna recently graduated from the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) program. She is now doing ultrasonic testing for Sabre Industries. Deanna recommends Spartan College’s Non-Destrutive Testing program for the short program length that allowed her to get started in the industry quicker. For more information on our Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) program, please visit our Non-Destructive Testing Program page.

Spartan College Review | NDT Testimonal – Joshua Hanke

Joshua was a bartender for almost 20 years and finally decided that there must be more than being an “old man bartender.” Joshua wanted to change his life around and found Spartan to be the answer to get the career he desired.

At Spartan, Josh channeled his efforts into being the best student that he could be, thus garnering him the title of Valedictorian. Joshua is now a Quality Inspector with Webco.

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Spartan College Review | NDT Testimonial – Kristin Bale

Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology NDT graduate Kristin Bale, always has had a passion for space travel. The safety aspect of space flight was something that Kristin wanted to make a difference in. Taking her education from Spartan, she’s taken her talents to help make space travel safer working at Space X as a Non-Destructive tester.

In her testimonial below, hear what Kristin has to say about her experience at Spartan College and what her big plans involving space travel are!

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Spartan College Review | NDT & QC Testimonal – Marissa Hubyers

Spartan College graduate, Marissa Huybers, always knew she wanted to have a career that would allow her to work with her hands. While taking auto shop in high school, she learned all about Spartan College from a friend. Enrolling at Spartan, and earning her degree from our NDT & QC program, she now works for Baker and Hughes as a Quality Control Inspector.

In the video below learn more about Marissa’s Spartan Journey.

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Bob Fiala | A&P and NDT Graduate

Bob Fiala, graduate, from both the Spartan College A&P program and NDT program, found his passion in non-destructive testing. From Spartan Bob was able to progress from a technician to an ASNT Level III then to an MT, PT, RT, VT, and UT examiner for the United States Navy.

Watch his testimonial in the video below:

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Jeff Disher | Instructor Review

Spartan College Instructor Jeff Disher is the lead Radiography Instructor and Radiation Safety Officer at the school. With over fifteen years of experience ranging in over three different fields, Jeff was looking to give back to the industry that has given him so much.

Today Jeff is teaching in the Spartan College Non-Destructive Program and is grateful for his experience as a Spartan instructor because he gets to play a role in his students’ lives.

Watch Jeff’s testimonial below and hear about the journey he’s taken to end up at Spartan and what teaching at Spartan means to him.

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James Vargas | Quality Control Graduate

Graduate James Vargas, retired from the Navy after twenty years, originally wanted to go school after the military for business administration, but quickly discovered that aviation was his passion and what he wanted to pursue.

Moved to LA after military to pursue his dream career in aviation. James currently is working as a control manager at the Los Angles Air Force base. James is thankful for his experience at Spartan because he made friends with this classmates and his instructors saw that he was dedicated and willing to put in the time.

Hear what James has to say in his testimonial below.

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Steve Knabe | Flight Program Review

“I was fortunate enough when I was taking a flight lesson in Nebraska, and airplane landed with a black cat on it’s tail- it was a Spartan plane. And there was a student there who said there is a flight school in Tulsa, Oklahoma that will teach you everything you need to know about flying.”

That’s all flight school alumni Steve Knabe needed to hear. From that moment on Steve went on to fly around world for the first time at 28, and has worked for a fortune 500 company for 22 years. Hear what else Steve has to say in the video below:

Video Transcript:

“My name is Steve Knabe and I grew up on a farm. I watched airplanes fly over our farm. In my mind I was figuring out where they were going. I always wanted to be on the airplane and be where they were going.

I got good advice from a gentleman who was 50 years old, he told me “if you ever want to try flying do it while you’re young”

I was fortunate enough when I was taking a flight lesson in Nebraska. An airplane landed with a black cat on it’s tail- it was a Spartan plane. And there was a student there who said ‘there is a flight school in Tulsa, Oklahoma that will teach you everything you need to know about flying.’ And it was four months later, I was at the Spartan School of Aeronautics.

I was able to get on a fortune 500 company, and I had my first around the world trip at 28. Presently, I work with another fortune 500 company and have been with them for 22 years.

In this job I’ve checked off over 100 different countries, all 50 states. Phenomenal from a kid who just dreamed to fly.”

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Brandon Shirley | Non-Destructive Testing Graduate

Receiving his Non-Destructive Testing Degree from Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology was a great choice for Brandon Shirley. He was able to receive a job offer right after graduation. He currently works in San Antonio in the aerospace industry.

Brandon decided to study non-destructive testing because he has a strong interest in science and physics. He believes the benefit is that he received a lot of hands on work. The theories were very helpful, but working with the equipment was what helped him in his job.

Joe Meyers | Non-Destructive Testing Graduate

Spartan College set a great foundation to expand from. I learned the fundamentals I needed in order to grow as a technician and colleague. The hands on technical experience and the field knowledge the instructors possessed from their own time in the industry.

I was the NDE Technical Leader for Scot Forge. I became the company’s Responsible Level III and created the existing Nadcap NDE system for Scot Forge. I have written a couple of published articles on NDT and am currently a member of ASNT and ASTM.

2004 graduate of the Nondestructive Testing program.