John Pence | AMT Graduate

My time at Spartan began January of 2010 and marks the turnaround point in my life. I am now a graduate of the AMT program and a complete transformation has taken place since my first day at Spartan. During orientation, Mr. Worthington spoke on attitude. While some disregarded his wisdom I kept it close to my heart and realized that I would only be as successful as I allowed myself to think. I realized that I could only go so far on a good education from Spartan and that I needed a mindset that was always positive and continually striving to improve myself. The truly great thing about life, and Spartan, is that hardship, trials, and obstacles are going to come. The key is to rise above all opposition to truly accomplish a life of worth.

I finished my schooling in July of 2011 with a wealth of knowledge in the field of Air Maintenance Technology. I learned many life lessons in addition to the extensive training I was receiving in the classroom and in labs.
Five months before graduating, I began to look hard into my future and what I wanted to do and set goals to accomplish. Given my education and the strong relationships I made while in school, it became apparent that I could work anywhere or do anything in the world of aviation that I desired. I entertained offers from Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Bell Helicopter, Duncan Aviation, American Airlines, Spirit Aviation, and the list literally goes on and on. I took that same positive attitude mentality that developed at Spartan towards my goals, with a mindset of, “Why Not Me” and I began the application process into the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Becoming a Cadet had always been a dream of mine that I never pursued due to a negative attitude that was based upon the preconceived notion that I wasn’t good enough. That could not have been further from the truth and I tell you today, in addition to receiving my A&P license and learning so much about aviation, I am now apart of the graduating class of 2016 from the United States Air Force Academy due to the transformation that happened in my life while at Spartan. And it all boils down to my attitude.