Michael Purvis | A&P Graduate

I attended Spartan School of Aeronautics from 1989-1991.
This was a difficult time for the aviation business. I could not find a job in the Tulsa area, so I went back to school.
I began my education pursuing a history degree. In 1995 I was presented the opportunity to go to work for The NORDAM Group here in Tulsa.

It was my A&P License that got me the job having no previous experience in the aviation industry. I continued my education; moving to the engineering field.
I have been with NORDAM for 16 years now. I have been in the engineering department for the last 6yrs.

I owe the opportunity NORDAM presented me to my Spartan education. I feel that if I did not have my A&P (AMT) education,
I would not have received the job offer from NORDAM. I have been able to travel the country working for NORDAM and the opportunities with this company are endless.

Thank you Spartan.