Roberto T Martinez | NDT Graduate

I enrolled at Spartan in January 1999 and graduated in December of 1999. The quality of the instructors is exceptional. Being able to learn from their first hand experience and knowledge in their field was a big help to me. One thing I have learned in my own life experience is that the price of failure is greater than the price of success.
After graduation, I continued to work in the NDT field, in the discipline of Industrial Radiography. I was then torn between two employers who wanted to hire my services. I chose the least paying job, because I thought it had more opportunity: Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Military Overhaul and Item Repair, San Antonio. However, I was picked up by P & W Space Propulsion if Florida. That was an advantage of my decision to go to a large company: accepting less up front but providing long term opportunity.
I am performing inspections on the Space Shuttle Main Engine, and on RL 10 engines along with the experimental program work. My main function here is Eddy Current Inspections: everything from manual contract to semi automatic robotic machines. I have other functions that don’t require certification. Spartan School of Aeronautics made it possible through their knowledgeable Non Destructive Testing instructors. Nothing takes the place of real work experience, and the instructors impart wisdom and hands on knowledge that gives graduates the edge to success.