Stephen Kaminski | Spartan College Graduates

Dear Mr. Harrison

The world of aviation is simply amazing; it encompasses so many avenues and opportunities for people to be involved.  Since 1986, when the movie ‘Top Gun’ debuted, I knew I wanted to be a part of that aviation world.  I wanted to be a pilot; I wanted to learn how to fly.

When researching what it took to become a pilot, I found having a higher education to be a very integral factor in the process of getting to where I wanted to be.  I wanted to be able to attend not only classes of mathematics and history, but also ones which would allow me to learn how to fly, to achieve my private pilot and commercial licenses at the same time.  In my research, I found Spartan College of Aeronautics.

Spartan was my gateway to the aviation experience.  In 2001, I received my associates degree in aeronautics, and I was now well on my way to reaching my dream to be a pilot, and to be a fighter pilot at that.  While in Tulsa, I learned various skills and gained many abilities which I knew I would need for my future in flying business.  I proved myself right in 2004, when I got the chance to become an F-16 pilot for the US Air force.

Obviously pilots fly the jets, but while being in the Air Force, I’ve really learned that jets can’t fly without all of the people who support the mission.  Meaning the maintainers play a crucial role in making the jets fly.  While at Spartan, I saw the school produce not only fine aviators, but excellent         A & P mechanics as well, the school encouraged the growth of all aspects in aviation community.

Thanks Spartan.


Stephen Kaminski   1Lt, USAF