Steven Barnes, Jr. | AMT Graduate

While not directly employed in the field I studied while at Spartan, AMT, I have since my graduation in 2000 worked as an Aircraft Mechanic at a small FBO in Grand Forks North Dakota. GFK Flight Support offered me my first A & P job in as little as two months after graduation.
After working at GFK Flight support for nearly a year, I was able to move on to the University of North Dakota. While not currently employed there as an A & P, I was able to obtain a position as an aircraft dispatcher due largely to the knowledge gained while at Spartan School of Aeronautics.
Within the next couple months I expect to receive an offer to transfer UND’s aircraft maintenance department and feel that I will be able to accept this position with confidence.
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to express my appreciation for all that you have been able to help me accomplish.