Steven Harsfald | Spartan College Graduate

By attending Spartan, I received the opportunity for a new career. I owned a trucking company of eleven years and due to the economy in 1990 had to close. I had been involved with maintenance all my career and thought working on aircraft would be a challenge and provide a good living. After starting at Spartan, being the ‘old man of my class at 38 years old’ I didn’t think I had a chance of being selected for a position of Aircraft Cleaner at American Airlines. I received a call for an interview and to my surprise was hired. I had my Powerplant license and worked nights and went to school in the evenings. It was a long hard day but I did what I had to do. After graduating with a 3.89 GPA and my Associates Degree, I skipped my graduation ceremony to take my last written test getting instant results, so I could submit upgraded paperwork to become an Aircraft Maintenance Technician. In this business, timing is everything, as my fellow classmates who waited were frozen from upgrading for several months. My first job as technician was a B-727 structure and modification dock. In 1993 I was laid off but was able to bump into Chicago O’Hare International Airport and worked line maintenance. This type of work was great experience. I transferred back to my boyhood home in Boston, Massachusetts area about six years ago becoming airline maintenance crew chief. I then bid and interviewed for the position of technical crew chief, line maintenance, and have held this position for the last five years. This job entails instructing fellow technicians and assisting in troubleshooting, and accomplishing back check inspections. This is a very rewarding job and thanks to the classes and instructors I had at Spartan, I had a good foundation for continued learning. I can’t stress enough that everything you learn toward your A & P license is so very important for continued learning, because in this career you never stop learning.