Aviation Maintenance Review | Justin Levesque

After spending six years in the Air Force, Spartan College graduate Justin Levesque was looking to get back into aviation. Finding Spartan College online, Justin made the move from Florida to Tulsa to study at Spartan.

Having a aviation electrician background from the Air Force Justin had very high standards for his education and instructors, standards that were met at Spartan College.

Watch Justin’s full testimonial below:

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Kevin Jenkins | Aviation Maintenance Review

Graduate of our Aviation Maintenance Program, Kevin Jenkins opens up about his experience at Spartan College. Making a move with his wife to Tulsa, Spartan College helped Kevin and his wife feel at home in their new city and lead him a rewarding career in aviation.

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Video Transcription:

“My name is Kevin Jenkins and I graduated from Spartan College in April of ‘91

I grew up in Battle Creek, Michigan and moved here shortly after getting married to go to school.

I chose to train in aviation maintenance due to my love of aircraft since being a very young age. I chose Spartan over several other places because I was looking for a strong name in the industry that had been nationally known to provide me with a job upon graduation.

Making the decision to move to Tulsa to go to school with a new wife was a big change for both of us. But we came here and Spartan make it feel like home, had a lot of help from all the employees, and make friends easily with the other students and the transition was fairly easy.

Upon graduation from Spartan school of aeronautics, I got hired by Delta Airlines through a recruiting visit, so I knew two weeks before graduation that I had already had a job at a major carrier.

They started us at the time as a mechanic helper for a period of time, basically a probationary period, then I moved into the full mechanic position, worked in the hanger for several years, ended up going into line maintenance, became an entry level supervisor and lead mechanic. Stayed in that position in various forms of line maintenance for about 13 years and accepted a position as a duty manager on the line domestic maintenance in Atlanta, and recently as of June last year accepted a promotion to station manager in Charleston, south Carolina.

I would strongly advise that you get your A and B licensing as quickly as possible so you are prepared and have the credentials to enter the professional market place.”

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Harold Walter | Aviation Maintenance Graduate| Spartan College

I highly value my Spartan education, acquiring the A&E (A&P) license in 1948-49. As an Aeronautical (aerodynamics) engineer, that experience was valuable in working with the Experimental Shop personnel. My career included 5 years each at Cessna, Boeing, Convair San Diego, and 25 at Beech Aircraft — almost entirely as an Aerodynamicist. I also did some time as a Dynamics engineer. Working closely with Flight Test and Experimental Test Pilots was great.

Included was support on the Apollo 11, a patent on the horizontal system used on Convair’s Model 48 Charger, Project Aerodynamicist on the Beech Super King Air Model 200, Chief of Aerodynamics R&D.

In addition to the A&P, FAA pilot’s licenses acquired are Glider, Single, Multi, Commercial, Instrument and CFI.

I was flattered at retirement when the Experimental mechanics said that I was one of three engineers that they really liked to work with. Since retirement, some aero support has been a part. I have been a member of OX5 Aviation Pioneers for several years, being Kansas Wing President, National President, and receiving several awards — presently Kansas Wing President and newsletter editor.

I couldn’t have asked for a better career.

Curtis Hubbard | Aviation Maintenance Technology Graduate

Aviation Maintenance Technology Program Graduate
From Ureka, Nevada

Before coming to Spartan, Curtis worked as an oil lab technician for a Caterpillar dealership in Nevada. When Curtis first moved to Tulsa to attend Spartan College he thought it was a tough transition because he was 1700 miles from home. However, he feels the people at Spartan were a great help with the transition.

Curtis feels all of the instructors were very helpful. Curtis was hired before graduation with Duncan Aviation in Nebraska.

Nathan Forrest | Aviation Maintenance Graduate

Aviation Maintenance Degree
Nathan Forrest

Nathan Forrest was going to be a welder. However, when he was at his tech school he saw a demonstration of Spartan and was quickly convinced that he belonged in the aviation industry.

Going to Spartan was an easy and painless transition for him. Nathan believes Spartan helped him transition to the new environment. He believes the instructors have helped him tremendously. Going forward, Nathan plans to receive his A&P license. Watch his full testimonial below.

William Dewar | Aviation Maintenance Technology Graduate

A military veteran, William Dewar, acknowledges the presence and reputation Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology has in the aviation industry. Recognizing how well known Spartan College is, he decided to attend Spartan to receive his aviation maintenance degree. William is now the Training Manager for AR Corporations. Watch his testimonial below.

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Femi Oddeyo | Aviation Maintenance Technology

Below is a video testimonial from an alumni that received his Associates in Aviation Maintenance Technology as well as a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology Management. After receiving two degrees from Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology, Femi was hired as a Avionics System Specialist at Lufthansa Technik Component Services.


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Wayne Hade | Aviation Maintenance Technology Graduate

Hader Wayne Spartan - aviationThe training material & the Instructor Willie Middlebrooks was outstanding considering I’d never heard of NDE until a couple months before I sign up for the course. Just proir to this I I was working in a stamping plant for Ford Motor and going to college. I decided to drop out of college and quit working at he factory… Looking back on it, I’m glad I did.

Spartan gave me the education and training to start my exciting career path in aviation.

Spartan had the best equipment and instructors to obtain my training. It was a great experience to learn and train with fellow classmates that had the same interests.

Aviation Maintenance review by Wayne Hader

Kim Robertson | Aviation Maintenance Graduate

After graduating from Spartan College I joined the U.S. Air Force and work as an F-16 aircraft crew chief for 4 years. After that I cross trained to become an E-3 AWACS Flight Engineer. In 1998, I separated from active duty and joined the Air Force Reserves as an Instructor Flight Engineer and the same year I was hired by Delta Airlines as a Line Mechanic in Dallas. After closing the Dallas station I moved to Atlanta Georgia and worked in the General Electric CF-6 engine overhaul shop and was furloughed in 2006. I now work for the DOD.

The training that I received at Spartan definitely help me learn all the basics of aircraft maintenance to get me where I’m at today. My favorite part about Spartan College was getting the fly the training helicopter.

Aviation Maintenance Technician – Kim Roberston

Douglas Clarke | Flight School Graduate

Doug Clarke - Spartan College GraduateI started at Capitol Aviation in Springfield, IL straight out of Spartan. Started in the Recip Engine Overhaul shop as an A&P. Our company was bought out by AirResearch and we then started working on turbine engines. Then that company was bought and sold over the years (Honeywell, GE Aircraft Engines, and Landmark Aviation). During the 41 years I worked from being an A&P mechanic in the turbine shop to leadman, to crew chief, to maintenance supervisor, to customer support rep, and finally to Regional Sales manager before my retirement in 2014.

Spartan College gave me the tools and knowledge that I never had before to work on sophisticated aircraft and turbine engines. The instructors were all very knowledgeable and the class’s taught many different facets of the aviation business that I never knew before. Also, the reputation of Spartan was a big plus in helping me land my job straight out of school.

Aviation Maintenance review by Doug Clarke