Timothy Owen | Spartan College Flight Instructor

Growing up next to an airport in Louisiana, Spartan College flight school instructor had a dream to fly. Working in a bank after college, Timothy decided it was time to go out and pursue the career path of his dreams.

Starting at Spartan, he saw his own instructor move on through the training to become a pilot. His advice to those who want to become a pilot is to keep your nose in the books. Becoming a pilot isn’t just about flying, a lot goes into it. Hear what else Timothy has to say in is testimonial below.

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Brian Daniels Flight Campus President

With a fascination dating back to his early childhood, Brian wanted to fly. With having two parents in the Air Force and spending his formative years in Germany, when it came time for school Brian ended up in Oklahoma with a surrogate family who also was in the Air Force.

With help of his surrogate father who was a flight instructor himself, Brian would go up to the Base on the weekends and asked himself “Why can’t I fly?” Following the path to becoming a pilot in the military, Brian found himself at Spartan in 2013 as an active duty member. Today Brian is in the reserves and is now the campus president.

Watch Brians full story in his testimonial below.

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Flight Instructor | Matthew Newman

Matthew Newman wanted to fly as a teenager, but never considered doing it professionally as a career. This is until he he found Spartan College online. Living not far from the Tulsa campus, Matthew came in for an interview and tour of the campus, the rest is history.

Having no flight experience before enrolling, the Spartan instructors sat down and worked with Matthew to get everything down that he needed to know. Today, working as a flight instructor Matthew loves to see his students progress and succeed in the field.

Watch Matthew’s full testimonial here.

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Moe Bzeith | Flight Instructor | Spartan College Graduate

Growing up with a father who worked at an airport, Spartan College Graduate Moe Bzeith knew as a young child he wanted to work in aviation. Spending his days as a child at the airport with his father watching the planes take off, Moe discovered his passion for flying.

Doing his research for colleges, Spartan stuck out to him, he liked that Spartan’s curriculum had him graduate faster, and the personal touch of having smaller classes were something that Moe was looking for.

Watch Moe’s full Flight Instructor testimonial in the video below.

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Steve Knabe | Flight Program Review

“I was fortunate enough when I was taking a flight lesson in Nebraska, and airplane landed with a black cat on it’s tail- it was a Spartan plane. And there was a student there who said there is a flight school in Tulsa, Oklahoma that will teach you everything you need to know about flying.”

That’s all flight school alumni Steve Knabe needed to hear. From that moment on Steve went on to fly around world for the first time at 28, and has worked for a fortune 500 company for 22 years. Hear what else Steve has to say in the video below:

Video Transcript:

“My name is Steve Knabe and I grew up on a farm. I watched airplanes fly over our farm. In my mind I was figuring out where they were going. I always wanted to be on the airplane and be where they were going.

I got good advice from a gentleman who was 50 years old, he told me “if you ever want to try flying do it while you’re young”

I was fortunate enough when I was taking a flight lesson in Nebraska. An airplane landed with a black cat on it’s tail- it was a Spartan plane. And there was a student there who said ‘there is a flight school in Tulsa, Oklahoma that will teach you everything you need to know about flying.’ And it was four months later, I was at the Spartan School of Aeronautics.

I was able to get on a fortune 500 company, and I had my first around the world trip at 28. Presently, I work with another fortune 500 company and have been with them for 22 years.

In this job I’ve checked off over 100 different countries, all 50 states. Phenomenal from a kid who just dreamed to fly.”

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Chris Harper | Flight Program Review

Ever since he was a young boy, Chris Harper wanted to fly. In his words he was “enamored with wanting to fly.” Enrolling at Spartan college in 1988 he “showed up here on a dark night and started class the next morning.” Chris’ career as a pilot has taken him around the world in eight days as a cargo pilot.

Watch the full video here:

Video Transcript:

“When I was a young boy on our farm, a couple times a month, you’d hear this sound coming, and then over the top of our barn and a hill, these large twin top airplanes would come out of nowhere. That’s where I became enamored with wanting to fly.

The closest place I could find back then was Spartan. In 1988 I showed up here on a dark night and started class the next morning.

In 1998 I was hired by a major cargo company in the US and I’ve been there ever since.

My last trip was an actual around the world trip in eight days.

There is a demand in the family life, those are tradeoffs we give to do something we love to do.”


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Brock Childress | Flight School

Lockheed Martin Logo - Spartan graduateMy education at Spartan gave me a real kick start in my career path. After graduating I worked for Lockheed in California on the L-1011 project. When hard times fell upon Lockheed I was still able to move to the communications industry with my certificates. Later I moved on to the computer industry. Even though my technical degree was in aviation, interviewers were impressed with my credentials. My education at Spartan paid off many times and provided me with a very good living. I now enjoy a great retirement.

What I enjoyed the most about Spartan was being able to study what I really needed without having to take courses that didn’t associate with my career path. I loved the hands-on approach, which gave me confidence in the aviation field.

Glenn Piacentini | Flight Program

Before Spartan I was a dairy farmer. Since graduating from Spartan, I have been a flight instructor in Twin Falls Idaho. I was also a Chief Flight Instructor, charger and corporate pilot on a Cc414 and BE 400. I also flew out if Evansville, IN as a charger and corporate pilot and flight school manager. I currently am employed at FlightSafety in Wichita as an instructor and TCE on the BE400.

Spartan College gave me a good foundation. I enjoyed spending time with my classmates.