Spartan College Review | A&P / Avionics Testimonal – Ethon Eisbrenner

Spartan College graduate Ethon Eisbrenner, joined the Marine Corps two weeks after graduating from high school. After serving his country, Ethon began looking into the aviation industry to begin the next chapter of his life.

With his grandparents in Colorado and a fondness for the state, Ethon found what he was looking for at Spartan College to begin his aviation career training. Ethon went on to complete the A&P program and decided to follow the pulse of the industry earned his diploma in avionics, with the goal of becoming a master technician.

Today , Ethon is currently an  Avionics Tech/A&P at Mountain Aviation in Colorado. Learn more about the Spartan College, Denver programs by visiting:

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Bob Fiala | A&P and NDT Graduate

Bob Fiala, graduate, from both the Spartan College A&P program and NDT program, found his passion in non-destructive testing. From Spartan Bob was able to progress from a technician to an ASNT Level III then to an MT, PT, RT, VT, and UT examiner for the United States Navy.

Watch his testimonial in the video below:

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John Harris | A & P Graduate

My experience at Spartan opened the door to aviation. I was the first in my family to pursue an aviation career.My a&p license provided a much needed job to support my family.John Harris review

I very much enjoyed the instructors and fellow students.The atmosphere was just the right balance of academics and practical learning . The staff and faculty were always supportive and encouraging when it was needed.

After graduating from the a&p program I got a job in corporate aviation.I was soon promoted to a management job.While working full time I attended and graduated from Mountain View College in one of the first classes in Pilot Technology. My first flying job was on a new Canadair business jet.I was later promoted to check airman and Vice President of flight operations for Jet East charter corporation in Dallas . After eight years at Jet East Inc I was hired at Southwest Airlines and flew for almost twenty one years and retired as Captain December 2013. I owe a great deal of my success to my original training at Spartan.

Gregory Hernandez | Spartan College Graduate

Right after my graduation from Spartan back in 2009 I landed a Job with AAR CORP in Oklahoma City and not even three months into it I got call back in to service again with the U.S Army Reserves. After a long ten month deployment to Afghanistan I was happy to know that my job was held by AAR and currently I’m working for the company in Oklahoma City. I’m working on gaining more experience as an A&P Mechanic and at the same time thanks to my training at Spartan and the people and friends I met I obtained my Private Pilot License and currently I’m working on getting my instrument rating with the help of my friend and also a graduate from Spartan Erwin Winkler. My ultimate Goal is to become a Commercial Pilot and work for the Airlines. Because of the great memories with the faculty and the friends I met at Spartan I’m looking forward to maybe enroll once again at Spartan College after I complete my commercial and CFI rating to go for the Bachelors Degree.

Gregory Hernandez

Rainer Tegge | Avionics Graduate

My fascination with airplanes began at an early age while watching DC4’s start their engines and witnessing the introduction of jet aircraft.  I attended Spartan upon graduating from high school and enrolled in their A&P program (AMT ’77).  During the A&P training I developed a fascination for avionics;  this led to my enrollment in their Avionics program (AET’78). The instructors and training I received there were first rate and provided the confidence to pursue a career in aviation. After Spartan I completed a degree in electrical engineering degree (MSEE) at NJIT. I now work for Honeywell as a Senior Systems Aerospace engineer, designing avionic test equipment for the F111, F15 and A7 fighter aircraft,  system design for the next generation flight data/cockpit voice recorder and various commercial pursuits. I credit Spartan for creating the spark which propelled me into the aerospace field.

Michael Purvis | A&P Graduate

I attended Spartan School of Aeronautics from 1989-1991.
This was a difficult time for the aviation business. I could not find a job in the Tulsa area, so I went back to school.
I began my education pursuing a history degree. In 1995 I was presented the opportunity to go to work for The NORDAM Group here in Tulsa.

It was my A&P License that got me the job having no previous experience in the aviation industry. I continued my education; moving to the engineering field.
I have been with NORDAM for 16 years now. I have been in the engineering department for the last 6yrs.

I owe the opportunity NORDAM presented me to my Spartan education. I feel that if I did not have my A&P (AMT) education,
I would not have received the job offer from NORDAM. I have been able to travel the country working for NORDAM and the opportunities with this company are endless.

Thank you Spartan.