Brian Daniels Flight Campus President

With a fascination dating back to his early childhood, Brian wanted to fly. With having two parents in the Air Force and spending his formative years in Germany, when it came time for school Brian ended up in Oklahoma with a surrogate family who also was in the Air Force.

With help of his surrogate father who was a flight instructor himself, Brian would go up to the Base on the weekends and asked himself “Why can’t I fly?” Following the path to becoming a pilot in the military, Brian found himself at Spartan in 2013 as an active duty member. Today Brian is in the reserves and is now the campus president.

Watch Brians full story in his testimonial below.

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Kris Strobach | Aviation Maintenance Technology Graduate

As a Spartan graduate and most recently semi retiring from my company “Strobach Consulting Services LLC”, I want to reflect on my career and what helped to make it successful.

I was guided to aviation by a former military aviator. As a result I selected Spartan enrolling in Aviation Maintenance Technology. The education and training provided me with the knowledge to acquire my A&P license. Spartan’s education prepared me for four years in the Air Force. I was able to test out of aviation technical training, and go directly to active duty. My knowledge of aircraft maintenance propelled me successfully through varies assignments, and advanced promotions.

The education and training I received at Spartan did more than just prepare me for a four year career in aviation. It provided me with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to move ahead in life. After my tour with the Air Force I returned to college and graduated from Missouri State University with a BS in Industrial Technology. Good jobs in aviation were hard to come by after graduation, so I applied my talents to a position in the Insurance Industry.  The Insurance Industry provided me training to become a Fire Protection Engineer.  My next job was with the Department of Labor as a Compliance Officer (OSHA). More training, and after three years I accepted a position in the Corporate Safety, Health and Loss Prevention department of the Ralston Purina Company. Thirteen years later I accepted the position of Director Corporate Safety and Loss Prevention for Wayne Farms (Continental Grain Company).

I started my own company several years ago offering services in Aviation Safety, Loss Prevention and Safety, Regulatory Compliance, Workers’ Compensation and Fire Protection (namely directed to dust explosion and process heating controls and equipment).

In summary my career spans Aviation, OSHA and a large amount of time spent in the food industry.
I have been successful because of my baseline education and training received at Spartan. Thank You Spartan.

Kris Strobach
President , Strobach Consulting Services LLC