Flight Instructor | Matthew Newman

Matthew Newman wanted to fly as a teenager, but never considered doing it professionally as a career. This is until he he found Spartan College online. Living not far from the Tulsa campus, Matthew came in for an interview and tour of the campus, the rest is history.

Having no flight experience before enrolling, the Spartan instructors sat down and worked with Matthew to get everything down that he needed to know. Today, working as a flight instructor Matthew loves to see his students progress and succeed in the field.

Watch Matthew’s full testimonial here.

Learn more about our Flight School by visiting http://www.spartan.edu/programs/pilot-training

Moe Bzeith | Flight Instructor | Spartan College Graduate

Growing up with a father who worked at an airport, Spartan College Graduate Moe Bzeith knew as a young child he wanted to work in aviation. Spending his days as a child at the airport with his father watching the planes take off, Moe discovered his passion for flying.

Doing his research for colleges, Spartan stuck out to him, he liked that Spartan’s curriculum had him graduate faster, and the personal touch of having smaller classes were something that Moe was looking for.

Watch Moe’s full Flight Instructor testimonial in the video below.

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