NDT Testimonial | Jesse Mitchell | Spartan College

Currently serving in the Oklahoma Army National Guard, Jesse decided that he wanted a change in his life. After a friend mentioned Spartan College, Jesse became interested in the Nondestructive Testing program. Jesse interviewed with Shawcor right before he graduated and was hired on the spot.

Jesse recommends Spartan to anyone that likes to learn and work with their hands. He states it’s paid off in leaps and bounds.
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A&P Testimonial | Nick Hollon | Spartan College

Nick served in the Marine Corps. for fourteen years before enrolling and graduating from Spartan College in Denver. Today, Nick currently a hiring manager for the Maintenance Base Manager and Great Lakes Airlines.

When Nick is looking to make new hires, he prefers to hire Spartan College graduates because they know more than other graduates from other Aviation Maintenace Schools.Giving future A&P graduates from advice on what to do after graduation, is to not wait too long to take your A&P maintenance exams.

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Aviation Maintenance Testimonial | Bryan Swalwell | Spartan College

Growing up in a family in an aviation history with several members already working in the field, Bryan had an interest that began early on in life. Knowing his career path would be in aviation Bryan enrolled at Spartan College. Today Bryan works in fleet transactions acquiring retiring commercial aircraft for Southwest Airlines.

Bryan recently stopped by campus with an engine donation through Southwest Airlines. While at Spartan he reflected on his time while a student and recommends Spartan due to the amount of knowledge you receive gives you a huge leg up in the industry.

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A&P Testimonal | Alex Appelhans | Spartan College

Growing up in the Denver area, Alex always loved cars and things that went fast. As he grew up, his love for aviation grew as well. So when the time came, he signed up for Redstone College (Now Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology) and graduated from the Airframe and Powerplant program with a job at Northrup Grumman.

Alex is excited knowing that the projects that he works on are making a difference in STEM. Currently, Alex works at Ball Aerospace as a Production Supervisor.

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NDT Testimonal | Joshua Hanke | Spartan College

Joshua was a bartender for almost 20 years and finally decided that there must be more than being an “old man bartender.” Joshua wanted to change his life around and found Spartan to be the answer to get the career he desired.

At Spartan, Josh channeled his efforts into being the best student that he could be, thus garnering him the title of Valedictorian. Joshua is now a Quality Inspector with Webco.

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Aviation Maintenance Technology Testimonial | Sunny Randhawa | Spartan College

Sunny graduated from the Spartan College Inland Empire campus in June of 2017. Currently, he is employed by West Coast Air Creations as a Fabricator – Shop Assistant working with World War II-era vintage aircraft. Sunny’s favorite thing about working for West Coast Air Creations is building custom parts and being able to use his talent.

Sunny recommends Spartan because Spartan taught him the core fundamentals that he uses daily.

For more information on Aviation Maintenance Technology at Spartan College visit: http://www.spartan.edu/programs/aviation-maintenance

Learn more about Spartan College by visiting: http://www.spartan.edu

Robert Hampton | AET Graduate | Spartan College

Spartan College graduate Robert Hampton spent four years in the Marine Corps Infantry, later moving over to combat life-saving before becoming a civilian EMS.

Robert, a North Dakota native, then moved to Oklahoma to continue practicing EMS. While in Oklahoma, Robert learned about Spartan College and decided that the Aviation Electronics Technology training was for him, and in 2016 graduation Spartan College with his diploma.

Currently, Robert works for TriMedx repairing health professional electronic equipment that all doctors use to help save lives.

Learn more about the Aviation Electronic Technology program at Spartan by visiting: http://www.spartan.edu/aviation-electronics-avionics 

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A&P / Avionics Testimonal | Ethon Eisbrenner | Spartan College Reviews

Spartan College graduate Ethon Eisbrenner, joined the Marine Corps two weeks after graduating from high school. After serving his country, Ethon began looking into the aviation industry to begin the next chapter of his life.

With his grandparents in Colorado and a fondness for the state, Ethon found what he was looking for at Spartan College to begin his aviation career training. Ethon went on to complete the A&P program and decided to follow the pulse of the industry earned his diploma in avionics, with the goal of becoming a master technician.

Today , Ethon is currently an  Avionics Tech/A&P at Mountain Aviation in Colorado. Learn more about the Spartan College, Denver programs by visiting: http://www.spartan.edu/programs-offered-co

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Frank Hays | HVAC Graduate | Spartan College

Spartan College graduate Frank Hayes currently works as a Chiller Plant Operator at Haynes Mechanical and finds it to be a rewarding career. Before that, Frank had ten years of military service and forty years as an aviation mechanic.

Frank loved the hands on approach he received at Spartan. Getting his hands dirty every day in the lab was one of his favorite things about taking the HVAC program at Spartan.

Find out what else Frank has to say about his Spartan College education in the video below.

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Nathan Lober | 2016 Spartan College Maintenance Technician Of The Year

AMT graduate Nathan Lober, shared with us his Spartan College story last year. Taking a lifelong dedication to aviation, Nathan is being rewarded by the campus for all his hard work by being named the 2016 maintenance technician of the year!

In the video below, hear what Nathan had to say about his accomplishment, and what it means to him to be a vital part of the Spartan College community.

For more information on our AMT program, visit: http://www.spartan.edu/programs/aviation-maintenance

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