Brandon Turner | Flight School Graduate

Aviation Flight Review
Works for SkyWest Airlines

I was hired by SkyWay Airlines just one and a half years after graduating Spartan, however I was furloughed ten months later. Have had held many aviation jobs since graduating as well, before being hired by SkyWest Airlines. Have went on to earn my Bachelors degree, MEII, and ATP license. I have earned a DO-328 SIC type rating as well as EMB-120, and CL-65 full types.

I honestly feel that the flight education that I received really helped prepare me for every aviation job that I have held thus far. The discipline that my instructors instilled in me as a student equipped me to excel in aviation both as a flight instructor, and as an airline pilot. Being able to train out of Tulsa’s very busy Riverside airport allowed me to experience four seasons of weather and gain fundamental experience early on in the ATC system. All of my ground school curriculum reinforced what was taking place during my actual flight training. These classes were instrumental in helping me to really learn aviation.

I really liked the structure of a part 141 training environment. Being able to train with an excellent program that incorporated risk mitigation strategies (weather minimums, flight briefings)early on in my training instilled discipline in me. I also liked being able to train in a busy ATC system during four weather seasons.